Lauren Klein

Startuplandia as Personal Sustenance

Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Nov 24, 2015


The high technology industry has always been a radically changing environment.  I think about how impactful this shift is taking form with regards to small business and innovation.  Truly remarkable when you think about how technology is creating new value creation for consumers, citizens and societies.  From farm to table mobile apps which help people source local food to bird tracking apps which allow us to gain new insights into ornithology.


Many of these new startups are being fueled by the Gen Z and Millennial who are crushing the business accelerators with enthusiasm.  Record levels of applicants across the globe hunger to create new value through these ecosystems.  They seek out new approaches and financial models using technology.  They live and breathe digital disruption and are part of the fundamental shift in startuplandia.  They embody entrepreneurial spirit in every sense of the word.  From testing out their chops using sound cloud to socialize their latest hit or applying to accelerator programs like Housepreneurs , MergeLane, YCombinator, and TechStars.  Either way, these new technologies offer both data and visibility to deal flow, but also depict a growing startup talent network.


This proliferation seems to mirror the pace of technology.  Citizens can now engage in new dialogues with data with their government officials, such as hackathons, meetups, unconference and request open access to data while discussing data models.  Consumers, citizens and leaders are creating business value with IoT and disruptive technologies together.


I find the startup culture extremely creative and agile.  In several of the accelerator programs, teams can now live together in big houses with Google style cafeteria’s while discussing the interaction design, information architecture, visual design, usability and human-computer interaction for hours.    Using mobile devices to communicate with slack, mentoring within the accelerator or via key forums them fellow for curated content from people they respect.


Personally I find contributing through my communities an opportunity to not only contribute my skills and make a difference in the world, but learn every single day about new approaches, ideas and possibilities.


Now that’s my personal sustenance.