Mark Adams

Reflections on Connect

Blog Post created by Mark Adams Employee on May 1, 2015

What a great week for Hitachi!  Our Connect event and showcase in Las Vegas was an incredible success.  We executed the most comprehensive set of product launches in our history and the tangible pieces that deliver on our vision of Social Innovation have come together.  I thought that our leaders did an outstanding job in communicating what we've done and why we're doing it.


I joined HDS 8 years ago because I wanted to be part of a company that made great products and has a culture that values its customers and employees.  This can only be sustained by organizations with long-term visions.  At 105 years and counting, Hitachi has achieved a level of perspective that is rarely found in technology companies.

But something else resonates with me as I reflect on the week.  I've become a fan of Simon Sinek's leadership Ted Talk on "Start with Why".

If you aren't one of the 22 million who have seen this already, Simon's premise is that organizations with a compelling sense of purpose in why they do what they do will inspire others to follow them.  The transition from being a vendor who supplies products to an organization that creates ideas which inspire is very difficult and it's rarely achieved.  But I think that Hitachi is on its way to doing just that. 

When we speak of Social Innovation at Hitachi, it's for the purpose of building safer, smarter and more efficient communities through technology.  The goal has changed from how many Petabytes we ship to how many lives we've saved. Our CEO, Jack Domme, spoke eloquently during his keynote address about the journey we've been on.  I'm proud to have been a part of it.