Mark Adams

Flash Forward to DigX

Blog Post created by Mark Adams Employee on Oct 25, 2016

Digital Transformation is accelerating the pace of change in all industries across the business landscape. Organizations realize that they need to quickly up their game or risk being left behind by digital disruptors. According to a recent IDC study, two-thirds of the Global 2000 CEOs will have Digital Transformation at the center of their corporate strategy by the end of 2017.  So we are moving from a world in which IT supports the business to go into a world in which IT is the business



Examples of Digital Transformation projects abound.   One is as simple as the ability to take a photo on your phone of a check that has been made out in your name and then deposit it via a banking app into your account without leaving your house.  Large scale projects are also underway.  Smart Energy Grids is a massive initiative by the U.S. Department of Energy to bring datacenters, sensors and analytics together to advance energy delivery services into the 21st century. Devices on the grid will use sensors to gather and report data. There will be two-way digital communication happening between the devices in the field and the utility’s operations center in order to better align production with demand. 


There are 3 business outcomes that can result from Digital Transformation.


1. Accelerating cost-efficiency and time to market by OPTIMIZING OPERATIONS AND PROCESSES.

UK retailer Marks & Spencer moved to a flash infrastructure from Hitachi and they were able to accelerate their inventory planning to make it more accurate so that both stocking shortages and waste from oversupplies were greatly reduced.


2. Increasing loyalty and growing revenue by IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES. 

Magyar Telekom, a Hungarian subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom Group, increased their customer satisfaction rates by ensuring that their telecom services run uninterrupted and faster than ever before.


3. Unlocking new revenue streams and reaching new markets with NEW BUSINESS MODELS.

Deluxe has transitioned their business from being solely reliant on selling printed checks to delivering a platform of services to their small business accounts and financial services institutions utilizing the data that they’ve collected over many years from their business operations.


Clearly data is at the heart of Digital Transformation and fast access to that data for real-time analysis will be the difference between success and failure.  Flash, at datacenter scale, supports

Digital Transformation initiatives by accelerating access to data since flash media can be up to 10 times faster than even the highest performing hard drives.




Hitachi has announced two new VSP enterprise models (F1500 and G1500) and major updates to the Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) for our VSP family today.  We’re also releasing new features for our storage management, automation and analytics platforms.  Not only will these new products and features significantly reduce the costs of transitioning data centers to flash but they will deliver the predictable performance that end-users demand.


The world’s largest all-flash datacenters run on our flash and our largest customer has more than 30PB of our flash installed.  Last quarter alone, we shipped more than 1PB of flash to 13 separate customers.  This is due, in no small part, to how far our VSP platforms can scale and how rock-solid reliable they are.  That’s why the organizations that are leading the way in Digital Transformation choose Hitachi.