Marcelo Sales

Mobility and the best companies to work for

Blog Post created by Marcelo Sales Employee on Mar 12, 2015


One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing is the proliferation of their employees’ mobile devices in the IT environment. Indeed many of them have access to information of a confidential nature. The big problem is not the devices themselves, but the exposure of data and the use of services provided by third parties to store and access this information, principally the public cloud services that are freely available on the market.


If on the one hand some argue that mobility can increase productivity and satisfaction at work, from the IT perspective it’s not quite that simple. The merger of personal devices with work ones makes things even more complicated and raises the costs of data, security and the work performed by the company’s helpdesk, whilst it is also necessary to acquire suitable and compatible applications and support systems.


As well as security, in my opinion, the most serious challenge lies in monitoring data. This is because the free storage and sharing services available on the market were developed for family photos, books, videos and other files of this kind. However, when they start to be used for the storage of corporate data, their vulnerability is alarming.


Fortunately, there now exist a number of intelligent solutions on the market that address this issue more efficiently. Some of them, like HCP Anywhere, bring together ease of use with corporate level security characteristics. This is a platform where the user can control what can be shared and for how long; that allows for the elimination of data if an employee leaves the company or loses their devices; that is even capable of reducing the internal IT support time, guaranteeing shared data management and reducing the volume of storage and the need for a backup.



It becomes clear that, with the right tools, organizations can meet the demands of their employees and work towards their better well-being without failing to meet all their security requirements. I believe that technology has an effect not only on innovation, but on a company‘s organizational environment and reputation. Solutions such as ‘HCP Anywhere’ could be the great differential, whilst they could also separate a good company to work for from a great one. And this mobility demand can indeed provide companies with many different opportunities. As Rex Carter, Global CIO of Hitachi Data Systems, has said, “You can try to embrace it or try to ban it. Doing nothing is no longer an option for a CIO.”