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Blog Post created by Marcelo Sales Employee on Mar 26, 2015



I read on the internet a lot. Due to the fast pace of my day to day routine, and all the time I spend going through airports, I have gradually found myself using printed newspapers and magazines less and less. This is one of the main benefits that the “always on” world, as we call it at HDS, allows me. And, to be totally honest, I could use this observation to talk about how this is one of the reasons companies (and airports, although for other reasons) should be investing in top performing, virtualized and uninterrupted data centers, but no… today, I’m going to be talking about something else.


Over the last month, we have announced our intention to purchase two important multinationals in the global IT scenario; the US company Pentaho Corporations and the French firm oXya. Even though this may appear to be a natural evolution in the type of relationship that we have with each of these companies over time, considering our OEM partnerships, these acquisitions clearly highlight our focus and our objective for the market that understands that HDS has been expanding its portfolio of solutions.


We started along this path, in August 2014, with the acquisition of Sepaton, a market leader in data protection solutions. In September, we acquired Pantascene which, together with Avrio, was included in the creation of the public security group HDS. Since then, six months were spent analyzing options before announcing, at the beginning of 2015, our intention to purchase the two companies mentioned above. Pentaho is a large data-integration and business analysis company, while oXya is a French multinational providing cloud and SAP services.


With these acquisitions we don’t hope to be simply the strongest payer in the global scenario. By adding these different forms of expertise and solutions to our portfolio, we hope that our clients will have access to integrated solutions with the highest levels of performance and reputation, as well as an ever more efficient and simple analytical capacity, transforming their data into potentially valuable insights. We also want them to be able to recognize other non-financial but nevertheless valuable gains arising from this data (for example, risk/reduction of costs), guaranteeing security and alignment with their internal compliance policies.


This might sound strange to anyone who has not been closely following our evolution. But these days I can confirm that we are more than an IT infrastructure company offering data storage solutions. And this is the crucial point in our transformation as a company and our long term business objectives. We are focused on working in synergy with the Hitachi Group to be able to offer efficient solutions for urban centers, as well as products that provide aggregate value for society, such as connected vehicles that allow improvements in security and traffic in metropolitan areas, or advances in telecommunication services. Due to the great number of examples, and indeed how interesting the subject is, I will be returning to it in more detail in my next post.


I started by talking about reading on the internet because I really do feel an enormous benefit from being able to directly access the content of Forbes, as well as other international publications, by means of an app, in three different languages, whenever I find time to bring myself up to date. I must admit, though, that I’m not a big fan of the thought-provoking quotes that precede the articles. On the other hand, as a basketball fan, I felt truly inspired by the phrase that preceded the first article I opened today, about a new HDS solution for telecommunications. First, because it quotes someone who I admired very much: Coach John Wooden, an American who is considered to be one of the best trainers in the history of the NCAA - the National Collegiate Athletic Association. And second, because it fits in very well with what we have been discussing and establishing here at HDS. So, even though it might seem a bit corny, I simply couldn’t end this text without including it here: "Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts". 


Of course, just like with Coach Wooden, our courage is supported by a lot of planning and analysis that ultimately leads us to important insights concerning the market. And this is exactly what our most recent acquisitions have conferred: more powerful insights, for us as well as our partners and clients.


HDS hopes to complete the Pentaho transaction by june, while the acquisition of oXya is expected to be concluded by the end of March.


Till next time!