Mark van Bijnen

Smart Data Center

Blog Post created by Mark van Bijnen Employee on Sep 21, 2017

At NEXT we showed Hitachi Vantara Smart Data Center to the world. In this blog we will explain what the vision and strategy behind Smart Data Center is.


Collecting data from the IT infrastructure has always been a challenge. The amount of data generated by the many components of a data center is huge and differs greatly.


  • Configuration Data describes the state of devices
  • Capacity Data provides information on utilization
  • Asset Data describes which assets are in what state
  • Security Information tells who accessed the Data Center
  • Performance data informs about the service delivery
  • Power and temperature sensor data
  • And more...


Finally we now have the technology and bandwidth to capture, store and analyze this data. We use the latest available technologies to accomplish this. Predictive analytics run against the data to generate predictive information on capacity and performance.


The data is finally prepared to display in Information Dashboards where Smart Data Center provides insight in the IT services provided to a customer and advise is given to prevent predicted issues.