Nick Toozs-Hobson

From Big Data to Information Curation

Blog Post created by Nick Toozs-Hobson Employee on Oct 24, 2013

One of the things that fascinates me today, and something about which I can wax lyrical for hours, is Big Data and Hitachi Data Systems' role therein. The concept of Big Data is now pretty well understood by most of our customers and can be distilled (IMHO) into what I call the BD philosophy, "the ability to handle the Velocity, Variety and Volume of data where generating Value from the Insight it creates is the outcome of mastering it".


At Hitachi Data Systems it is our job to deliver on the promise of mastering it. Whilst the insight is usually derived from the application one uses to compare the different types of data, managing the data and creating access for the applications is fundamental to the success of these applications. At Hitachi Data Systems we manufacture the components and glue of the Infrastructure and Content & Information Clouds that actually enable application access to the data. But what do we do that is different to all of our competitors and why are we (IMHO) so very good at it?

For me the key differentiators are built into our Hitachi DNA; we build the machines that generate and supply the data in many instances, we understand (as a corporation) how to monitor and gather information and how to share it amongst different applications, for different reasons to use it to its greatest effect. Underpinning this is the ability with our data management technology (oops! I nearly used the S word!!) and creating access to data through the use of a single heteregeous, virtualised platform that separates the data, from the application from the medium that stores it. We plug into the platform with components allowing ingress and egress of the data according to its type and the application demands placed on it.


So where is the difference? Well it is this; we have a SINGLE platform, ONE. We care little what the medium is, (or who supplies it) we only need one copy of the data irrespective of its provenance or where it now needs to be used to generate insight, we don't have to cart it around between disparate silos to use it and we don't need to paper over the cracks between the silos with a fulcrum or hinge software product to do it.


My esteemed colleague Michael Hay recently put together some future (product) strategy material that we are sharing with customers and potential customers that illustrate my point above really well. He refers to Information Curation in the brave new world of Yotta and Zotta bytes, that, to me, sums up everything that we (at Hitachi Data Systems, as opposed to Hitachi Ltd) do; our role in Big Data and Social Innovation is to build the platform that enables great information Curation; we are the custodians of the massive volume, variety and velocity of data that is required to generate value from the insight it may create. The relationship between big data and the platform to access it are inseparable, by being the curator we enable the Big Data philiosophy to succeed for now and into the future.