Nick Toozs-Hobson

UCP for Oracle validated by Forrester

Blog Post created by Nick Toozs-Hobson Employee on May 5, 2014

I have blogged a lot about UCP 4 Oracle as I am convinced of our better TCO. This has been corroborated by one of the world's largest Oracle users who is now becoming a reference for us.In fact, we had our first reference call last week where this customer validated the cost savings he has experienced to another potential customer who has, to date, been using Exadata. We are now confident that we can persuade them to convert from Exadata to UCP 4 oracle. I'll keep you posted.


However, that is not what I wanted to share or draw your attention to. Our UCP 4 O product marketing team, headed up by , has had a couple of Analysts look at our offerings and produced two new white papers. ESG looks at Oracle and the VSP G1000 (and is available here ) but Forrester Consulting looks at  the Total Economic Impact of UCP 4 O. This articulates very clearly the short, medium and long term benefits to an organisation of choosing UCP over other technologies including Exadata to manage an Oracle environment. Their overall findings were that customers experienced the following benefits:

  • A 103% ROI
  • An NPV saving of $6,6m over 3 years
  • 2.1 month payback
  • Hardware, software license, and maintenance cost avoidance. This benefit is focused on costs avoided by choosing Hitachi UCP instead of an alternative, higher cost converged platform.
  • IT maintenance and administration efficiency. This benefit centers on the reduced effort for IT to maintain and administer the solution as compared with the previous environment.
  • Business productivity and impact. This benefit details the increase in productivity for business users and other positive impacts to the business as compared with the previous environment.


It is a useful tool for you to read and to forward to those that need to know