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UCP strikes again! And yet more evidence from independent sources

Blog Post created by Nick Toozs-Hobson Employee on Oct 28, 2014

Sometime in 2006 we had a team building event and workshop in Santa Clara for GSSD (Jack Domme's organisation at that time). I was still in charge of our efforts in Redmond WA and was becoming more and more convinced we needed a server strategy to take us to the next level of Data Centre credibility. The interesting thing was that every group in the workshop included the same requirement in their view of our future. So you can only imagine just how ecstatic I am about the continuing success we are acheiving with UCP.


Recently we concluded a deal with another Global Systems Integrator (GSI), CSC, who chose us ahead of EMC / VCE, Dell and IBM as the platform of choice. It was designed and tested to intgerate with Agility ServiceMesh as the cloud broker. What I love about this deal was that they stood up 4 separate "cloud" environments from all of our competitors and battered the heck out of them. It was entirely independent and run by the CSC, not us.


There were 53 test criteria in 5 categories, Infrastructure Management, Operational Management, Platform Architecture, Platform Capabilities and Security. Fundamentally, for a private cloud, how easy is it to use this sucker? And yes, you've guessed it, UCP blew them all away. We won in every category. The other 3 shared the honours to be the worst (that actually went to Dell, surprisingly). Out of a total score of 265 the results were:


UCP: 206 = 78%

EMC /VCE: 176 = 66%

IBM: 154 = 58%

Dell: 127 = 48%


We won because we were the best at all of the following:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Facilities,Network & Tools Integration
  • Operations – Manageability
  • Operations – Service & Support
  • Operations – HW/SW Upgrades
  • Operations – Availability
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Migration / Workload Portability
  • VDI Application testing
  • Physical and Virtual Workloads


Some of the details are contained in the PowerPoint I have attached to this blog. Feel free to use it with your customers. Also, feel free to reach out to CSC for private cloud environments that require a broker (ServiceMesh), TCS, HCL, Infosys and Atos if you need to deploy with a partner.


Cheers, 2s