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Blog Post created by Nathan Moffitt Employee on May 10, 2016

Hitachi Doubles Down, Reducing Storage by 2x and Delivering 100% Data Availability.


Eliminate risk. Whether it’s a stated goal or not, every decision that IT architects, administrators and leaders make is designed to eliminate risk to the business. That often means eliminating single points of failure that could cause outages, but it also involves minimizing budgetary risks that could delay a new application or CxO initiative from going live.


Hitachi Data Systems understands this and is giving you – and your management chain – greater  peace of mind by expanding its guarantees to include a new, 2x data reduction guarantee. With this new guarantee HDS can now cover ROI risks as well as downtime risks. More on the data reduction guarantee in a second, but first…


Who Doesn’t Love a Good Panic Attack?


Ever carted a storage system from a development environment into a production data center because the existing array died an untimely death? Ever had your VP standing behind you on the data center floor asking when a system was coming back online because time was money – literally? Panic attack city.


Good infrastructure vendors understand how stressful these situations can be (and how much you’ll tell them about it during the next buying cycle) so they design their systems to include a wide range of RAS - reliability, availability and serviceability - functions that prevent and minimize downtime.


That’s great, but stating 5 9s, even 6 9s of availability on a data sheet is often not enough to provide peace of mind to you and your boss. You want a GUARANTEE. That’s why HDS provides an industry leading 100% data availability guarantee. Since 1999 Hitachi has guaranteed storage systems will keep data flowing to production applications so revenue generating processes keep running and your customers are happy (and so you don't get fined for an outage / failure to deliver on time!).



Tangible Benefits Are the Best Benefits


As great as this uptime guarantee is though, its benefits are intangible until something goes wrong. You know it can happen, your CIO and CFO know it can happen, but until then it can be hard to quantify the benefits of a 100% data availability guarantee.


By contrast, its easy to measure the risk that comes with buying based on effective capacity.


If a vendor tells you their data reduction capabilities will increase capacity by 2x, lowering the ‘effective cost’ by half, well… that’s what you expect. If you don’t get the promised data reduction then your capacity planning is shot, you’ll have insufficient storage to meet business needs and sadly – you’ll have overpaid for that system. You’ll also be making an unplanned budget request to buy more capacity. That’s a risk you can easily quantify.


Of course, this isn’t a new risk, it’s been with us for a while now (e.g. disk backup targets with data reduction) but with the advent of all-flash arrays the ‘effective capacity risk' has moved to primary storage.


To eliminate this risk and give you peace of mind about the ROI of your storage acquisition, HDS is now guaranteeing at least a 2x increase in flash capacity when using our data reduction technologies. If you can’t store the amount of data that we guaranteed, HDS will send you additional hardware to meet that 2:1 increase or credit, at our expense, to fulfill that guarantee. That’s a tangible benefit you can measure and account for during the buying process.  If your data type can be reduced by more than 2x, enjoy! You can keep that additional data storage at no extra cost.

By the way, if you want more detail on what to consider when judging ROI claims around all-flash, check out Mike Nalls' most recent blog.



But Wait There’s More!


Obviously Hitachi isn’t the only vendor with a data reduction guarantee. It’s an important area of concern for customers so many flash vendors with integrated data reduction technologies offer it. Unlike certain competitors though, we aren’t adding fine print that says your performance will drop by half if you use it.


Why? Because Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) systems are built on the flash optimized Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) and integrated Hitachi Accelerated Flash (HAF) which eliminates the need to make trade offs between performance and improved capacity efficiency. Hitachi VSP with advanced flash modules (FMDs) deliver inline, hardware accelerated compression so you can answer business demands for predictable high performance, sub-millisecond response times and deliver a lower effective cost. The benefit for you? Guaranteed capacity increases without a massive performance hit. That’s a good deal.


Which leaves with a closing question. Isn’t it time you considered HDS for your all-flash storage needs? We are the ONLY vendor that guarantees to eliminate risk across data availability and efficiency. As they said in The Spy Who Loved Me, nobody does it better (when it comes to guarantees that eliminate risk). Ok, I added that last bit.