Nathan Moffitt

Pure Embarrassment

Blog Post created by Nathan Moffitt Employee on Sep 27, 2017

I like to assume the best in everyone. That even in our crazy competitive world, we will all do our best to win the hearts and minds of customers through differentiated value and innovative technologies. Yes, we might occasional ‘tweak’ another vendor’s nose as part of a competitive take-out, but even then it is done above board without resorting to slanderous or misleading statements.


And yet, here I am. Embarrassed that a person in my field, marketing, a vendor in my industry, Pure Storage, has moved beyond marketing a creative business model to marketing lies.


I’m not exactly sure what led the Pure Storage team down this road, and I will refrain from speculation, but the net result is that late last week Pure Storage decided they would print patently false statements about Hitachi Vantara. Was their intent to deliberately mislead customers or was it just incompetence and poor research? Only they can say, but I am embarrassed for them.


Publishing a public article full of false statements tarnishes your reputation and damages not only your individual credibility but also the credibility of you leadership chain and your corporate brand. It might spark up excitement within your organization that you went on the attack, but long term? All you've done is create fodder for us to expose your weakness while you damage your brand – corporate and personal.


My hope is that in the days to follow Pure Storage will retract their statement and rethink their approach to use creative, above board marketing. But if not… we will continue to move forward with our own efforts because this is an exciting time for Hitachi Vantara.


We were already a powerhouse solution provider with a broader portfolio set than Pure Storage that included:


  • Leading all-flash, unified storage arrays backed by the industry’s best data availability guarantee
  • Advanced object storage offering that powers an entire content portfolio across private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Powerful automation and analytics software to maximize overall IT operational efficiency
  • New converged (including all-flash storage) and hyperconverged solutions (with NVMe) to accelerate IT delivery
  • Innovative IoT solutions to help customers easily gain deeper insights from data


With the formation of Hitachi Vantara we now crystallize, make public and accelerate what we were already doing, bringing together the best in infrastructure and big data analytics solutions together so customers can get more value from their most important asset – data.


And guess what, helping customers drive more value from data means storing and serving that data. So yes, we will build advanced storage – in many shapes and forms. Driving value from data also means understanding, optimizing and healing the entire path data travels. So yes, we’ll design Smart Data Center software and managed services as well as treat our IT infrastructure offerings like IoT devices. Driving value from data also means analysis of the data and its metadata so yes, we’ll provide analytics and governance too. That makes us an end-to-end IT + OT solution partner.


I guess that might confuse a vendor that hasn't realized that being relevant in 5 years means looking beyond storage and hasn't realized that the way customers want to USE their data is changing. But still, it is no excuse for publishing blatant falsehoods and misleading statements. And for that reason, I am saddened that a vendor that should be a great competitor - one who pushes us to be better - is instead a vendor who has called its own integrity into question.


Tomorrow I'll return to discussing technologies for implementing an NVMe solution and helping organizations design for the future. Until then. Stay classy marketing teams. And if you can't? Stay home.