Paul Bruton

Charting a Course to Compliance

Blog Post created by Paul Bruton Employee on Aug 4, 2017

Reading regulations is one thing, but putting them into practice can be an entirely different matter

During the last ten years, businesses have seen an exponential growth in the volume of data created, stored and accessed. This has resulted in a shift in focus from both the regulators and the regulated. There are now a myriad of regulations that businesses are required to comply with when creating, storing and using data – from both local law as well as extraterritorial legislation.

While it may be relatively straightforward to identify which regulations are applicable, achieving compliance can be less clear cut. For example, an electrical component adhering to electrical safety standards must tick the boxes by reference to a pre-defined set of requirements. This is quite distinct from most compliance regulations, which require a business to interpret broad principles and use its judgment.

To navigate this new regulatory landscape, businesses need robust, reliable and flexible storage solutions which are "compliance-ready". Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to assess exactly what “compliance ready means. This means that organizations need to carry our regulatory assessments to understand how to translate top level regulation into real life solutions.

Falling short of regulatory and compliance standards can be costly, regulators may take enforcement action including fines calculated as a % of turnover, revocation of operating licenses and an organization may also suffer reputational damage from being exposed as non-compliant.

This self-assessment can be complex and requires an appreciation of both the regulation and the potential technology solutions. Understanding the scale of the challenge and choosing the right technology and solution to translate regulation into reality can be tricky.

That’s the theory. But, how can an enterprise put it all into practice? One way is to use the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) solution to achieve and maintain compliance. HCP is the foundation of Hitachi’s Data Intelligence portfolio, automating day-to-day IT operations like data protection and readily evolves to changes in scale, scope, applications, storage, server and cloud technologies over the life of data. In IT environments where data grows quickly or must live for years, decades or even indefinitely, these capabilities are invaluable.

To help companies pick their way through the regulatory minefield, Hitachi Data Systems has put together a white paper entitled Compliance Obligations in APAC. The white paper takes a deeper look at;

  • Data retention obligations
  • Capture and management responsibilities
  • Disposal and defensibility requirements

  And, while this blog covers some of the highlights, you can read more in our new white paper - Compliance Obligations in APAC.