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Blog Post created by Paul Lewis Employee on Aug 10, 2018



I live by one and only one fundamental rule of fairness: Calling Dibs.


Its quite possibly the most powerful word structure of human existence allowing for the immediately prioritized claim of goods.  The use of Dibs requires everyone else to gracefully bow out, tip their hat, and look for other opportunities to be the first.  Dibs overrules any sense of hierarchy, needs no explanation or purpose, and simply could be a pre-emptive action.  You may not want the biggest piece of chicken, but now your stamp on it.  You may eat it, you may give it away.  Its COMPLETELY your choice.


The best part of Dibs is that not just that it can be called at any point before possession, but in any manner necessary.  Maybe you both are running for the front seat of the car, and mid breadth someone yells Dibs, or at the first site of the last slice of pizza your mouthful of cheese spits out Dibs, or it’s the silent quarter placed on the pool table letting everyone else know that you are in fact, the next player.




Some of you might think Dibs is exclusively for the youthful, the innocent ranting of siblings who are in constant competition.  I don’t agree.  Dibs is a complex and long standing social contract, where the Dib-er and the Dib-ees have agreed from preschool through adolescence, adulthood and retirement that the rules of this contract are never to be broken.  A sort of unwritten constitution, punishable only by Double Dibs going forward!


Calling Dibs is applicable in every social situation, personal and professional.


On the professional side, especially in an enterprise business situation, “Dibs” is simply another term for “Customer Acquisition Strategy” (where your company has Dibs on certain customer segments based on value provided), or internally it might reference “Budget Allocation“ (where the most important division gets the bigger operating budget), or its simply is the winner take all “Innovation Funnel” (where the best ideas get Dibs on the investment capital available for growth).  Once you get Dibs, you have earned the right from executive to go forth and prosper.  Dibs is needed to deliver on Digital Transformation: calling Dibs via Business cases.


In a more tactical sense, especially when its Information Technology (IT), there is a fundamental balancing act between maintaining the status quo, to ensure the lights stay on, and growth through innovation. Fortunately, there is a new THIRD option, that encompasses both incremental growth and operating more effectively, the concept of Modernization. Modernization is evaluating your core assets, the machines, the logic and the data that run your business, manage your inventory, and create the business insights and IMPACT change to allow then to operate more effectively. This isn’t a replacement strategy, this is about BOLSTERING your assets by displacing/augmenting with platforms that grow and evolve as you need them.


Modernization is the implementation of projects that have the Dibs on project budget to displace aging applications and infrastructure with foundational technologies that not only optimize the operations, but create the platform to expand IT functions, using technologies such as Machine Learning, Autonomous Operations, Flash Storage, and Hybrid Cloud Automation.  In many ways the modernization of IT, rebalances priorities and budgets to solve short term pain *AND* long term innovation. Its no longer give and take, modernization is all take.


That’s where the Hitachi Vantara partnership delivers unprecedented value, especially with alliances like VMWare.  We exist to make business more agile, by solving critical challenges while setting up the IT organization to create new customer experiences and enable new business models, the exact capabilities of your company’s Digital Transformation strategy.  Hitachi Vantara is committed to accelerating our VMware customer’s Data Center Modernization journey by driving Agile Data Infrastructure, Modern Data Protection and Intelligent Operations to create new opportunities for intelligent innovation and accelerate IT agility to achieve better business outcomes:


  • Agile Data Infrastructure – improve the customer experience and business agility with resilient infrastructure that is cloud-aware and container integrated
  • Modern Data Protection –  data is the lifeblood of an organization, to safeguard data, reduce risk and protect the business, a solid continuity plan is required to ensure innovation and ongoing business operations
  • Intelligent Operations – leverage AI to increase efficiency of operations and accelerate innovation with software that predicts needs and optimizes the data center
  • Flexible Consumption Models – Hitachi Vantara supports a broad range of acquisition models to fit specific customer needs – purchase, lease, utility and managed service


In fact, you can come see for yourself at VMWorld 2018.  Don’t miss calling Dibs to watch a series of Live Demos (managed private cloud, rack-scale hybrid cloud, NVMe, VVols, VM data protection, Horizon VDI), Dibs on a front seat in dozens of in-booth theater sessions at booth #1018 *and/or* our customer panel on Hyper Converged Enabling Agility and Innovation with ConAgra and HCL, and of course Dibs simply to hear from any of our fabulous professionals who know how to tackle your every challenge.  You might even win Nintendo Switch!




I’ll be there too.  The first in line for coffee, the first line for popcorn, the first line for the washroom, the first in line for….you know...Dibs.