Shane Archiquette

Network Services Assurance - Architectures for Delivery

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Sep 24, 2013

In my recent post in the global accounts community about IBC 2013 I discussed the trend for Telcos becoming more Broadcast centric. One of the areas that is impacted when more real time streaming of content is done over a Telco's network is the need for assurance of the delivery of the content to the end user with minimized latency and increasing quality of the the video in higher resolution over a wide variety of devices.


An area that HDS is developing a proactive and comprehensive solution is known as Network Services Assurance by the use of intelligent packet capture with realtime and historic analytics.  This solution aims to provide greater visibility (and visualization) of what is occuring on a monitored network to understand how to deal with events, event correlation, and proactive measures that can be taken on behalf of the service provider to instrument and orchestrate network management and monitoring for advanced services beyond voice and standard internet provision.