Shane Archiquette

2018 - The Rise of the Global Telecom Market

Blog Post created by Shane Archiquette Employee on Jan 8, 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!  This year promises to be the most dynamic yet in the Telecom Industry from several key indicators that are underway to provide a very interesting set of technologies and new methods in how global Telcos will go to market.  The rapid acceleration globally to 5G networks over the next 3-5 years will transform digitally and operationally how all business and consumers interact with various platforms and services.  5G technology promises gigabit speeds or more to end-point devices.  Mobile Edge Computing will provide base station level infrastructure and services at the edge for very low latency   With the power of artificial intelligence for dynamic service provisioning over narrowband low-power networks will enable IoT based services for a variety of use cases as well.  Some of the use cases involve connected cars, video commerce, location based commerce, and digital entertainment.

With Net Neutrality being repealed for the moment, it is possible US Telcos can see greater revenue from being able to monetize their networks in new ways.  In this year the Telecoms have the opportunity to expand their business rapidly by leveraging applied Hitachi Vantara technologies such as the Lumada IoT platform at the core and edge for enablement of advanced IoT services, Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence for enabling Safe-City-as-a-Service, and converged and hyperconverged platforms such as the UCP-CI and UCP-HC for mobile edge computing enablement and NFV/SDN enablement.  Hitachi is well positioned to work with Telcos as Communication Service Providers to enable the next generation of advanced services that improve the experience of their subscribers and business customers.