Shawn McDonald

Hitachi and VMware partner on EVO:RAIL and extend single pane of glass management to hyper-converged environments

Blog Post created by Shawn McDonald Employee on Oct 13, 2014

Today at VMworld Europe, VMware announced Hitachi Data Systems as one of the newest members of the VMware EVO:RAIL hyper-converged family. We plan to add EVO:RAIL to our Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family of products to expand the use cases.  While incredibly exciting, the biggest question I get from our joint customers is WHY?


Before answering, here’s a brief summary of UCP and EVO:RAIL for  those of you that are big VMware and/or HDS fans that may not be familiar with these particular platforms.


Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) for VMware vSphere was released 2 years ago, and is one of the fastest growing infrastructure solutions in our portfolio. UCP is a family of converged infrastructure offerings including servers, storage, network, and management software optimized for virtualization and applications.  The virtualization solutions come with Hitachi UCP Director infrastructure orchestration software that fully manages all of the hardware – server, network and storage. Users can provision, configure, automate, optimize, and see the health of the entire infrastructure,natively from within vCenter (and by natively I mean Hitachi objects in vCenter schema).


You can see for yourself here:


After just one year, we were added to the Gartner magic quadrant as a rising star.  The reviews on what a fantastic product UCP is, from our customers and our partners like VMware have been really exciting.  We consistently receive feedback from customers on how easy UCP is to use, how quick it is to deploy, how it provides excellent performance and scale, and finally, how it offers top notch quality and reliability.


VMware EVO:RAIL is a hyper-converged appliance built by VMware OEM partners that combines highly optimized VMware software, including VMware vSAN, Log Insight Manager, and the EVO Deployment, Configuration, and Management Engine with a highly optimized 4Node server design  built by OEM partners.  EVO:RAIL enables a fantastic, yet simple, building block for customers to deploy the Software Defined Data Center.


So Why are Hitachi and VMware announcing this?


Simple: business and IT are maturing and working more collaboratively than ever before.  Most IT departments are highly virtualized, particularly with VMware, and service levels and requirements are becoming better defined.  Applications and workloads are now being placed into VM Tiers based on SLA, similar to how different types of storage (Flash, SSD, SAS, SATA) have been tiered in the past.


Hitachi’s UCP converged solutions have been highly successful for Tier 1 applications.  UCP is frequently deployed to modernize and re-platform mission critical applications, help cloud and service providers with always on services, and help Enterprises deploy their most critical applications.   Combined with Hitachi’s UCP Director orchestration software, the solution is incredibly flexible and easy to use.


VMware EVO:RAIL provides a new hyper-converged building block that offers a fantastic approach to smaller Tier 2 and Tier 3 application deployments.  For general purpose virtualization, VDI, and development operations it provides highly optimized and efficient solution.


Together, these two solutions enable a customer to completely realize the full value of the software defined data center.  By making EVO:RAIL part of the UCP virtualization family, customers can efficiently place the right application and workload at the right service level for the right cost.  Inside the data center our joint customers can seamlessly deploy new and existing applications and have them tiered across platforms.  With UCP Director integration, all systems can be managed and monitored natively within vCenter.


Customers who run UCP in their core data center can leverage EVO:RAIL in remote offices and data centers to extend Virtualized Applications and services locally to clients.  When combined with Hitachi Content Platform Object Services for Data Management capabilities all the application and user data at the edge site can be stored, indexed and managed with protection back to the core data center.


Additionally, EVO:RAIL provides an easy to start and stack solution for virtual desktops.  Horizon Suite with EVO:RAIL is cost effective for virtual desktops.  By combining Hitachi UCP Director management and HCP Data Services, all of the Horizon User, profile, persona, thinapp, and workspace is easily integrated, managed, and protected.


Today’s announcement at VMworld significantly builds upon the partnership between Hitachi and VMware, expanding the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform to new use cases, including additional application tiers, remote offices, and virtual desktops.  This combination brings Hitachi trusted and proven technologies together with VMware’s flexible and dynamic technologies to truly enable the Software Defined Data Center.  UCP for VMware enables customers to have One Platform, Zero Worry.