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Hitachi Vantara - Delivering Data Driven Solutions to Market!

Blog Post created by Shawn Rosemarin Employee on Sep 22, 2017

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" - Albert Einstein


Having been in the IT industry for over 20 years Ive witnessed a lot of transformations and have been to many IT conferences but never had the opportunity to witness the birth of a new company. This week I had the privilege of attending the birth of a new company "Hitachi Vantara" at our inaugural Hitachi NEXT event in Las Vegas. For the thousands in attendance it was clearly a high energy event with strong customer and partner attendance in breakout sessions and first class, high energy evening events - Pitbull definitely rocked the house Wed night!


Now that the dust has settled and delegates have departed for the airport its a good time to reflect and reinforce the some of the messages outlined at the event and expand on their strategic importance to the industry


Before we go there let's take a moment and clearly articulate the problem statement that we are addressing - Every organization understands the importance of Digital Transformation as the key driver to their future growth

    • Digital Transformation is only possible when an organization has the ability to leverage their data to drive deep insights across their internal operations, their customers and their ecosystem
    • While the context of "Big Data" has existed for over a decade most organizations have struggled to aggregate and blend their data severely hampering their ability to leverage insights from their structured and unstructured data and holding back their ability to transform
    • Over the last few years the "Internet of Things" has emerged with the promise of driving incremental value by integrating machine data into the mix and allowing for real-time decision making and predictive modeling across corporate enterprise. In fact Gartner predicts that IoT will drive over 21 Billion net new connected devices and data streams by 2020. IoT will drive a deluge of new data!


"Corporations ability to leverage their data will be a key determining factor in their ability to transform and drive incremental shareholder value"


Hitachi Vantara is a new company created by combining 3 key Hitachi corporate entities that have one thing in common; their obsession with Delivering Valuable Insights from Data -

    1. Hitachi Data Systems - Delivering industry leading and high performance storage solutions spanning ingestion, data protection and security since 1989.
    2. Pentaho - Delivering a fully featured Data Integration and Analytics platform since 2004
    3. Hitachi Insight Group - Driving Social Innovation and IoT solution development anchored by the Lumada IoT platform and Smart City Solutions

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  • The combination of these entities provide a complimentary set of products and platforms that provide clients the ability to accelerate their Digital Transformation through better leverage and insights across their Data Silos. Hitachi Vantara is in a unique position the industry with the capability to deliver integrated Data Driven Solutions that extend well beyond the walls of the Data Center into the Cloud and out the edge with IoT

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  • Our unique value is further extended by our ability to accelerate the delivery of data driven insights by leveraging over 100 years of Operational Technology expertise from our parent company Hitachi Ltd. Simply put we know how to leverage data to make key decisions because we are in those industries and have been for many years.

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Im excited to be part of this new and exciting company and looking forward to working closely with our customers and partners to illuminate their data, leverage IoT to gain further insights and accelerate their transformation.


We at Hitachi Vantara look forward to becoming your partner for Data Driven Solutions that deliver tangible value to your bottom line and help benefit society as a whole!