Theresa Atangan

Partnerships, Piles of Laundry and Pick Up Sports, Oh My

Blog Post created by Theresa Atangan Employee on Sep 6, 2018

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Whether I’m managing alliance partnerships, a household or pick up sports, my life revolves around customer orientation, results and teamwork.  I suppose the key to the fast-paced world of all things human and technology surrounds people and structure.  Which is why I wanted to introduce myself to you, I’m Theresa Atangan an alliance partner marketing manager at Hitachi Vantara for the past (8 number of years) and am looking forward to quarterly share more insights on my thinking, my work and life.


I tend to approach life always with an agile mindset.  This comes from my parents who not only raised me in this environment, but also embodied this through how they live their life.  It’s fresh and innovative (never dull) and always flexible.   From my home to the first fast packet data networking project I worked on, I have found that being on the edge of cutting edge work is very satisfying. 


I suppose it was the challenge when gigantic companies were first working with software and merging of call centers that I found my niche in partner marketing.  It was grueling to carry a number for international channel sales.  It was complex as it involved different value propositions, diverse cultures and was unrelenting in terms the rigor required to drive results.   For some this may sound exhausting, but for me, I have always found dealing with different work streams a great balancing act, that not only challenged me personally, but was deeply satisfying.  Whether I was front and center working with partners or acting as their advocate with employees while I worked at Genesys Telecommunications (also formerly known as Alcatel-Lucent).  Ultimately, I’m driven by business results.  My voice and role has always been to forward focus. Innovating in my style and approach to create different results no matter my role.