Tim Desai

Next Gen Storage Summit Takeaways

Blog Post created by Tim Desai Employee on Sep 30, 2014

The Next Generation Storage Summit took place earlier this month.  As usual, it was a great opportunity to review the HCP portfolio roadmap with the leading analysts covering object storage and discuss the progress that we’ve made and where we need to focus going forward.


  • The Next Generation Storage Summit was held on September 16th & 17th in Chicago.  One unique aspect of the Summit is its focus on Object Storage and Flash technologies. This focus makes it an ideal location where 1x1 discussions are possible with nearly every well-known analyst covering object storage – including those with Gartner, IDC and ESG.  The analysts were extremely positive and excited about the HCP portfolio and roadmap.  It was indisputable that we have a strong and differentiated product portfolio.



  • As was the case at the previous Next Generation Storage Summit at the beginning of the year, analysts continued to advise object storage vendors to focus less on the underlying object storage technology and more on the variety of use cases supported and how to efficiently solve customer problems.  HDS took this advice to heart during the development of the HCP portfolio’s Mobility messaging for the June product launch that included HCP version 7.  The Mobility theme resonated extremely well with end user attendees and analysts.  See what Eric Slack from Storage Switzerland had to say about our messaging here:  http://storageswiss.com/2014/09/22/hds-addresses-the-mobility-challenge/


  • With each new release, HCP continues to distinguish and differentiate itself from the competition.  In June, we introduced support for hybrid cloud, an enhanced HCP Anywhere feature set, and the new HDI Remote Server.  The rapid advancement of our portfolio has introduced a unique challenge lately in terms of increasing mindshare.  With individuals from the press, analyst and customer communities often focused on either the object store, or the file sync and share solution, or the gateway product, they often miss the fact that we offer a tight integration of the three with a singular point of control.  We’re working hard to raise awareness for the portfolio and this work is beginning to deliver dividends.  Check out some of the quotes below from our conversations with analysts:


    • I’m a huge fan of HDS.  I really like what you’re doing with the portfolio. You’re ahead of the competition in establishing your object storage solution. You’re so feature rich - you have an object store, with e-discovery, file sync & share, and a gateway.
    • What you guys are doing is unique.  So many other folks have the “if you build it, they will come” strategy.   The good news is how much you got and how it works.  You have great feature function.
    • The competition doesn’t look like you guys.  They don’t have your installed base. Not all companies are as innovative as Hitachi.  EMC buys people while you develop things. The Mobility messaging is wonderful.  There’s an opportunity for you guys to do what everyone else should do – focus on what all this great stuff does.
    • This is the moment for HDS.  You are one of the vendors who can talk about a solution instead of object storage.  After a first implementation, you can do many other things based on your portfolio.  There are a couple startups that are doing things well – but most are still talking about technology.  EMC has Atmos, Isilon, Centera - and they don’t talk to each other.


As we move towards the end of the year, we’re pleased with our progress.  Meanwhile, as seen at the Next Generation Storage Summit, the industry is changing and innovating at a rapid pace.  And so are we.  Stay tuned!