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Hitachi Content Platform Advances its Leadership in IDC MarketScape Report for Object Storage

Blog Post created by Tim Desai Employee on Dec 14, 2016


Hitachi Content Platform again declared by IDC as an object storage leader

On December 5th, IDC published the latest installment of their popular MarketScape for Object Storage reportIn her analysis, Amita Potnis, Research Manager for IDC's Storage Systems Program, evaluated 12 of the most notable object-based storage vendors based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters that gauge the success of a supplier in delivering an object-based storage solution in the market.  Based on consideration for our proactive approach to innovating our object storage solution to address traditional and modern requirements, as well as the way in which it is thriving in the market, HCP was deemed a market leader.


MarketScape report highlights

  • IDC deemed HCP a Leader in the MarketScape report for the second time.  IDC states that this position reflects HDS' influential position in the market vis-à-vis the bulk of the players, especially the newer entrants.


  • HCP has generated larger revenue than any other vendor as depicted via the size of the "bubble" in the report's chart.


  • The 2016 MarketScape report reflects HCP's ongoing momentum with respect to strategic execution and feature enhancements since the previous review period.  Compared to the chart in the 2014 report, HCP positioning in the 2016 chart is further up AND further to the right.


Executing against a successful strategy

At HDS, our excitement about and investment in object storage has been building for over 10 years, resulting in over 1,700 customers.  Indeed, we were among the early proponents of the use of an enterprise class object storage solution to satisfy traditional use case requirements such as archiving and compliance.  In recent years, we've expanded the scope of HCP through the addition of tightly integrated complementary solutions, including an enterprise file sync and share solution (HCP Anywhere), a cloud storage gateway (Hitachi Data Ingestor), and most recently – a big data search and analytics solution (Hitachi Content Intelligence). 


The relevance of object storage has never been greater

Meanwhile, IoT and digital transformation initiatives have moved from mere concepts to budding realities.  With the success of Amazon's Simple Storage Service, their S3 API has also evolved into the defacto cloud API standard.  Accordingly, the number of cloud applications being developed by organizations and cloud services has exploded.  HCP is riding the crest of these contemporary development waves.  As a foundation for digital transformation HCP is bridging the gap between what IDC calls the 2nd and 3rd platforms through its native S3 and OpenStack Swift APIs, massive scalability, and with an eye toward aligning on-premises solution costs with public cloud costs.  



IDC recognized a variety of HCP features, functions and achievements:


    • Successful execution for over 10 years against a uniquely organic development strategy with a particular focus on tight and seamless product integration of complementary products including HCP Anywhere and Hitachi Data Ingestor, the extension of the product portfolio via a strong ISV partner ecosystem, and the flexibility to build optimal configurations based on a choice of software-only or hardware based access nodes, storage types (including SSD), and public cloud services.  Proven expertise in deploying object storage solutions within some of the most complex and security sensitive environments in the industry.

    • Extensive hardware and software enhancements addressing such things as economically priced highly scalable storage (up to 497PB in a single cluster), thin provisioning based storage efficiencies, Active Directory based data accessibility, flash storage support, and cloud storage flexibility .

    • Visibility and control of digital assets in private, hybrid or public HCP cloud configurations and the ability to satisfy diverse file services and data protection requirements spanning customer datacenter and remote sites.

    • Deployment flexibility spanning software only, appliances, and managed services, as well as support for a variety of primary storage technologies and a breadth of leading public cloud services.

    • Enhanced workforce productivity through performant collaboration, site and data availability, and geo-distribution of data.

    • Highly efficient, automated policy based data movement across on-premises and off-premises storage tiers, including public cloud services.

    • A singular platform for backup and archival,  data mobility, cloud and Big Data storage,  including native support for traditional and cloud protocols such as NFS, SMB/CIFS, HTTP/REST, Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift.

    • Compliance with stringent regulatory and governance standards based on immutability, auditing, data durability, and numerous data protection features and options.




IDC recommends that buyers look for the following key characteristics (in bold) when evaluating OBS solutions.  Hitachi Content Platform provides strong capabilities across all of these categories.


  • Automated information life-cycle management (ILM): Eliminate storage silos and legacy solutionsby offloading infrequently accessed content and leveraging economical storage tiering options on-premises or in the public cloud.
  • Solutions portfolio: A tightly integrated core object store, sync and share solution, cloudstorage gateway, and a big data search an analytics solution, along with a large ISV partner ecosystem and diverse API support.
  • Platform scalability: Support for over 500 PB per cluster at a cost that is comparable to public cloud services.
  • Storage efficiency:  Built-in deduplication and compression services, erasure coding data protection, and customizable replication options.
  • Data management and reporting:  A wide variety of monitoring and diagnostic solutions with easy integration into any enterprise environment. Also, the HDS Hi-Track "call home" service for proactive problem resolution and maintenance.
  • Data resiliency: Renown and robust security and compliance features, along with automated built-in data integrity processes, self-healing and site failover and recovery functionality, and a choice of data protection levels.


These capabilities and more resonate with HCP's massive customer base.  Indeed, many leading global organizations trust HCP.


  • 4 of 5 of the largest banks in the world use HCP
  • 4 o 5 of the largest insurance organizations in the US use HCP
  • 2 out of 5 of the top 5 world's largest media companies use HCP
  • 2 out of 3 of the top 3 major premium cable networks use HCP
  • 5 out of 10 of the 10 world's largest telecom companies use HCP


Both IDC and Gartner consider HCP to be a leadership product in the industry. Be sure to read their analyses to learn why.



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