Victor Nemechek

Roast Pork, Dumplings and Deduplication

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on May 23, 2014

At the end of this blog I will share with you some EXTREMELY VALUABLE ADVICE that may very well change your life!


After my last blog, I received several angry emails from Data Domain employees who disputed my claim that HDS deployed the first dedupe solution back in 2005. Apparently, selling more dedupe appliances than anyone else is not enough. They want to claim the first system deployed, the last system deployed and every system in between. All I have to say to them is “I’m sorry but it’s true”. Let me tell you one story about the world's first deduplication deployment.


It was late evening when several engineers from Diligent Technologies and Skoda and I arrived at the local restaurant. We had just spent over 12 hours installing and configuring a ProtecTIER deduplication gateway with Hitachi storage at Skoda Auto’s data center in Mladá Boleslav, a small town Northeast of Prague, in the Czech Republic. We successfully installed everything but were still struggling with a few issues. After racking our brains, we decided to call it a day and get some food.


As soon as we sat down, liter mugs of PIVO (Czech for Beer) started arriving. The beer was ice cold and delicious and went down quickly. I had difficulty keeping pace with my Czech hosts but knew I had to keep up to avoid any embarrassment or causing an international incident.


Thank God the food started to arrive or I would have ended up under the table. First off was a traditional Czech appetizer called tlačenka which is head cheese served with chopped onions and sprinkled with vinegar. Now head cheese is not really cheese at all. It is a cold cut apparently made by boiling the head of a pig and then it congeals because of the natural gelatin found in the skull. They didn’t tell me that part until after I already ate some. It may sound gross but it was so delicious, especially with the pivo.


Then the main course of roast pork, bread dumplings and sauerkraut arrived. The roast pork was a huge leg shank with the bone sticking out. It had a golden brown shell of crispy fat that kept the juicy meat inside moist. The dumplings were fluffy and firm and were covered with gravy and sauerkraut. So awesome! I drool just thinking about it. It was so good. I just kept eating and eating until I was so stuffed I couldn’t eat even a wafer thin wafer more or I would have ended up like Mr. Creosote.


After dinner we started talking and one of the guys, Radek, told about his life before the Czech Republic gained its independence after the Velvet Revolution. Radek, was an extremely smart and well educated man. He worked for the Communist government writing code. He was a great coder and developed some programs that really helped government accounting capabilities. For his good work and extra effort, he was to be awarded extra money, but the local government official confiscated the money for himself and sent him to work in a coal mine in Slovakia.

Later, we were talking about the issues we were having and I commented on how hard our day had been and that I was upset that we had not finished the installation. Radek turned and looked me in the eyes and said . . . (this is the EXTREMELY VALUABLE advice that may very well change your life forever) . . .

“The worst day you will ever have in a data center is better than the best day you’ll ever have in a coal mine.”