Victor Nemechek

Don’t worry data hoarders, we got you covered!

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on May 4, 2015

The television show “Hoarders” examines the lives of people that have extreme difficulty letting go of things. Sometimes it is collections of valuable items but most often it is piles and piles of worthless junk. In most of the episodes the person’s home is so stuffed that there is barely any room to move and there is certainly no empty space available to store anything else.


It probably wouldn't make as interesting of a television show  but they wouldn't have any problem finding “data hoarders”, people whose computers are stuffed with worthless data. Thousands of files,  gigabytes of music and years of emails, most of which are old and will rarely, if ever, be accessed again.

I have to admit that I do my fair share of data hoarding. I sometimes keep multiple versions of a document, just in case I ever want to revert back to an older version, which I don’t think I have ever done. I even have some files dating back to the last century!

Data hoarding causes minor problems for the user, but causes major problems for Backup Administrators. Backup Administrators and the equipment they manage have to copy, store and protect petabytes of (sometimes worthless) data stored by data hoarders. The impact is great as studies have shown that for every terabyte of primary storage in an organization, approximately 25 terabytes of backup data is stored on disk or tape.


To address this problem organizations should remember their ABCs. “A” for archiving stale data to reduce the amount of data that needs to be backed up. “B” for back up less by using advanced data protection techniques such as snapshots and replication for critical data. And “C” for condensing backup data using compression or deduplication to maximize the efficiency of data protection storage.

Hitachi Data Systems has a wide variety of solutions that make the ABCs easy to accomplish and enable Backup Administrators to overcome the problems caused by data hoarders and all the worthless data they store.

So, although Backup Administrators would love it if all you data hoarders would spend a little time every month deleting old and worthless files, don’t worry, go ahead and store 11 versions of that 12 megabyte PowerPoint because we got you covered on the back end with the industry’s most advanced (and efficient) data protection solutions.