Victor Nemechek

Data Protection Strategies in the Digital Economy

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on Aug 29, 2016

In today’s Digital Economy, IT organizations need the ability to be more innovative, competitive and profitable. When you dig down to the roots, you find that it all comes down to data. Data that needs to be leveraged. Data that needs to shared. And most of all, data that needs to be protected.




In today’s Digital Economy, if you plan on using the same old traditional backup software approach to data protection, you should also plan on losing some of that data and having some downtime. Modern approaches are needed to ensure optimal performance and availability of your modern IT systems and, most importantly, to protect that data.


Replacing the old solutions is hard, but it is necessary. Think about the amount of time spent managing and troubleshooting failed backups, the recurring costs and complex training required, and the poor level of service they provide. Can it really keep up with today’s accelerated Digital Economy?

Instead, what if you could:

  • Eliminate the concept of “backup windows”
  • Decrease recovery time objectives (RTO) to near zero
  • Improve recovery point objectives (RPO) by 95% or more
  • Reduce storage costs by eliminating highly-redundant backups


And improve administrator productivity by automating all of the above with simple, intuitive and automated data protection orchestration.


With Hitachi Data Systems storage and Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) software, you can. HDID provides the automation and orchestration of the snapshot, clone and replication technologies built into the HDS Virtual Storage Platform, with a unique, whiteboard-like user interface. Easily define even complex policy-based workflows that combine local protection for operational recovery, and remote protection for disaster recovery with zero data loss, across a range of application environments.


Even if you are new to the Digital Economy, you can still take advantage of Hitachi’s most advanced data protection in your environment. Ask one of our data protection experts or an HDS TrueNorth Partner to show you how.


Victor Nemechek is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Data Protection at Hitachi Data Systems. The contents of this blog are his own.