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5 Things To Do With Your Old Tape Library After You Replace It With Cloud

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on Mar 6, 2017

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More and more IT Departments are making the switch from using magnetic tape for long term data retention to leveraging the power of hybrid Cloud instead. Using Cloud for long term data retention provides:

  • Faster (and easier) recovery of data when needed
  • Eliminates the manual effort associated with physical tapes
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (both CAPEX and OPEX)


But some IT professionals are concerned about what they will do with that big tape library taking up valuable space in their data center. Never fear, I have some suggestions on how you can get some real value out of that big hunk of steel and plastic.


1. Use it to raise money for charity

Back in the old days we used to take an old car and charge people $5 to hit it a few times with a sledge hammer. I’m sure there are plenty of Backup Administrators who would pay $10 or more to get revenge on the source of so many hours of frustration for them over the years.


2. Become a famous artist

In the 1990s a guy named Christo made millions of dollars by putting up a bunch of yellow umbrellas and countless other “artists” have used ordinary objects as art exhibits. Maybe you could become famous by spray painting a tape library blue and putting it in the parking lot, but make sure you sign it!


3. Make an awesome YouTube video

Millions of people would love to view a video of a tape library being thrown off a 5 story building or being blown up with 2 sticks of dynamite or being dissolved with sulfuric acid. Whatever you end up doing, make sure you wear the appropriate safety equipment.


4. Turn it into really hip furniture

Many hipsters use industrial components as furniture or “conversation pieces” in their urban lofts. Strip out all the drives and turn your tape library into a coat closet. Add a refrigeration unit and you’ll have a very unique wine storage unit.


5. Waste your competitor’s time and money

Put a big bow on it and deliver it to your competitor’s CEO. Leave a note on it that says “Advance technology for your IT department - From a secret admirer”. Then sit back and laugh as they waste their time and money using that antique dinosaur to store their data.


There are many more creative ways you can use that old tape library after you replace it with cloud, so don’t let that slow you down AND make sure the cloud solution you choose can do the following:

  • Support hyper-efficient storage capabilities, including compression and single instancing.
  • Enable enterprise-class scalability in both capacity and performance, without having to reconfigure storage infrastructure.
  • Allow connections to popular public cloud options such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace in order to support policy-driven data tiering.
  • Be built on modular, node-centric architecture to increase overall backup performance and ease provisioning.
  • Recheck cryptographic hashes to ensure data integrity.
  • Allow for any combination of deployment models: on-premises, off-premises or hybrid.
  • Integrate with popular, familiar and widely utilized backup and storage management software products.


Hitachi Content Platform is Hitachi Data Systems’ answer for organizations struggling with challenges associated with long-term data retention in an always-on, global operations environment. Its high-density, multi-tenancy object storage platform offers webscale storage capacity and performance, and helps enterprises meet precise and demanding requirements for compliance, e-discovery and information governance.


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