Victor Nemechek

5 Things To Do With Your Old Magnetic Tapes After You Switch To Cloud

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on Mar 22, 2017

More and more IT Departments are making the switch from using magnetic tape for long term data retention to leveraging the power of hybrid Cloud instead. Using Cloud for long term data retention provides:

  •     Faster (and easier) recovery of data when needed
  •     Eliminates the manual effort associated with physical tapes
  •     Lower Total Cost of Ownership (both CAPEX and OPEX)


But some IT professionals are concerned about what they will do with all those magnetic tape cartridges stacked up in their data center. Never fear, I have some suggestions on how you can get some real value out of all those hunks of plastic.


1. Play “Cornhole” with them

Cornhole is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. Replacing the bags of corn with tape cartridges takes the game to a new level!




2. Use them to tile your floor

Tape cartridges are tough and durable and, since they are about an inch thick, they add a layer of insulation that could help lower your utility bill.




3. Play Frisbee with them

Whether you are at the beach, the park or in the parking lot of your office, playing Frisbee is a great way to get exercise and have a lot of fun. You will be surprised how far you can toss a tape cartridge!'




4. Weave the tape to make exciting and hip new clothing

You can weave the magnetic tape into cloth and then use that to creating attractive articles of clothing, bags, phone cases and very nice looking and durable ties.




5. Use it for gift wrapping

Don’t waste money purchasing bows and ribbons for your gift wrapping needs. Just yank out the magnetic tape and use it to create bows and ribbon.  This is especially good when giving gifts to movie buffs or technology enthusiasts.




There are many more creative ways you can use those old tape cartridges after you switch to using cloud for long term data retention. So get going and make sure the cloud solution you choose can do the following:

  •     Supports hyper-efficient storage capabilities, including compression and single instancing.
  •     Enables enterprise-class scalability in both capacity and performance.
  •     Allows connections to popular public cloud options such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.
  •     Rechecks cryptographic hashes to ensure data integrity.
  •     Allows for any combination of deployment models: on-premises, off-premises or hybrid.
  •     Integrates with popular, familiar and widely utilized backup and storage management software products.


Hitachi Content Platform is Hitachi Data Systems’ answer for organizations struggling with challenges associated with long-term data retention in an always-on, global operations environment. Its high-density, multi-tenancy object storage platform offers webscale storage capacity and performance, and helps enterprises meet precise and demanding requirements for compliance, e-discovery and information governance.




For more information on how the Hitachi Content Platform helps enterprises modernize their secondary storage more efficiently and with greater agility than tape, please visit