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5 MORE Things To Do With Your Old Magnetic Tapes After You Switch To Cloud

Blog Post created by Victor Nemechek Employee on Mar 30, 2017

I had such a positive reaction to my previous blog which listed 5 things to do with your old magnetic tapes after you switch to Cloud for long term data retention that I decided to share with you 5 MORE ideas that were sent to me from IT professionals dreaming of the day they can finally dump tape.


Here they are:


1. Use them for skeet shooting

Skeet shooting is a fun activity where participants, using shotguns, attempt to break clay targets mechanically flung into the air. Using tape cartridges instead of clay pigeons is a lot more exciting because the tape inside goes flying everywhere!




2. Use them to express your artistic side

An artist named Zilvinas Kempinas has used miles of magnetic tape for his art pieces and to build a giant tunnel using miles of magnetic tape. Other artists have used tape to make portraits of musicians. Maybe you can use your data tapes to make portraits of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or your boss.




3. Show your team spirit!

Magnetic tape is great for making pom poms. Pull out the tape and wind it around your hand and elbow to make loops about 16” long. Tape up one end to form a handle and then cut across the other end.





4. Turn it into really hip furniture

Many hipsters use industrial components as furniture or “conversation pieces” in their urban lofts. You can turn your old tape cartridges into a table or, if you are really skilled, into a foosball table that will be the perfect addition to your man cave or recreation room.




5. Make miles and miles of super strong rope

Strip out the tape from inside the cartridges and weave it into a super strong rope that can used millions of different purposes. Remember the movie “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks? He used magnetic tape rope to build the raft that saved his life. Maybe it will save your life someday too!




There are many more creative ways you can use those old tape cartridges after you switch to using cloud for long term data retention. So get going and make sure the cloud solution you choose can do the following:

  • Supports hyper-efficient storage capabilities, including compression and single instancing.
  • Enables enterprise-class scalability in both capacity and performance.
  • Allows connections to popular public cloud options such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.
  • Rechecks cryptographic hashes to ensure data integrity.
  • Allows for any combination of deployment models: on-premises, off-premises or hybrid.
  • Integrates with popular, familiar and widely utilized backup and storage management software products.


Hitachi Content Platform is Hitachi Data Systems’ answer for organizations struggling with challenges associated with long-term data retention in an always-on, global operations environment. Its high-density, multi-tenancy object storage platform offers webscale storage capacity and performance, and helps enterprises meet precise and demanding requirements for compliance, e-discovery and information governance.


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