Werner Still

Do you need a backup solution?

Blog Post created by Werner Still Employee on Oct 6, 2015

During my career I got several times the question from customers to provide them a backup solution. My standard reply on that was:


"You don't need a backup solution."


Only the next sentence got them back from the shock: "What you really need is a recovery solution!". It is like an insurance, you protect against the risk and not to pay the insurance fee.


When I changed into the role of developing the Oracle specific part of HDS data protection solution HDID I remembered my own vision. Unfortunately without a backup it is not possible to restore or recover. On the other hand side to have different restore/recovery scenarios in mind can help to design the backup side. I identified three major disaster scenarios:

  • Total loss/corruption of the Database
  • loss/corruption of tablespaces/datafiles (physical elements)
  • loss/corruption of tables/rows (logical elements)

Extensive discussions with Customers and Consultants showed that there are additional points, not only disaster scenarios. Backups will be used for other purposes as well:

  • Revert after a failed update of the database to a given base line
  • Re-use of the DB for other purposes like development, reporting, data mining, ...

Each of these scenarios needs a different restore/recovery approach. These approaches will be topics in further blogs.