Werner Still

@oow15 - Larry's Keynote?

Blog Post created by Werner Still Employee on Oct 26, 2015

This is my 5th Oracle Open World starting with the year Larry Ellison's Son had his marriage. Larry Ellison had a tough night for his Keynote as his Son's marriage was the day before.


Since then many things changed. Larry resigned his position of CEO, Team USA won the America's Cup in a spectacular way against Australia. And the first Keynote is no longer a Larry Ellison presentation of the new trends in Oracle.


This year's keynote felt different. More than half of the time was a presentation what will be the many different conferences within the conference (which is quite amazing to concentrate 28 conferences within the umbrella of OOW) and with Intel. Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich talked about Cloud and Big Data. Intel will use Software to sell Silicon. But that Idea is not new, IBM used this for many years and finally changed almost completely to the Software Front.


Finally Larry Ellison got on stage and talked about Cloud. Oracle is in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. Yes, this was already last year's message. It is an important message, but not a new message. The last year's Keynotes always showed new products, enhanced versions or extraordinary new features. It sounded like a sales pitch, why to choose Oracle for Cloud and not SalesForce, Microsoft or Amazon. From the CTO of Oracle I would have expected a bit more about Technology.


Let's see if Monday's or Tuesday's Keynotes from Mark Hurd and Thomas Kurian will get more insight on the technology level.