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@oow15 Mark Hurd - back to the future

Blog Post created by Werner Still Employee on Oct 26, 2015

Mark Hurd had a time travel in his keynote this morning. Traveling as CEO to the year 2025 predicting the future. As we learned, not only from the famous movie, predicting the future is really difficult. Maybe some exceptions like Nostradamus, or probably Mark Hurd. But this will only show the future.


In essence he pointed out that a today's CEO is not planning for the long term but thinking from Quarter to Quarter. Helping them to get the flexibility and the cost reduction is by standardizing on Cloud based Applications. Of course primarily Oracle Applications. But Hurd allowed one competitor to share the 85% market share by 2025.


No specific products offered, but all of the Applications now Cloud ready.


One special point was security. If an US Government Agency asks Oracle about specific customer data they will get only encrypted files, according to Mark Hurd. I will check how the Oracle Cloud will work in this specific point. But this implies that we have non compressable and deduplicatable Data in the future. So the Data Protection needs to take care of this.