Werner Still

@oow15 - asm goes cloud

Blog Post created by Werner Still Employee on Oct 29, 2015

What else than this motto could it be with ASM? As everything goes cloud from Oracle ASM will not be short on that.


As of the many new features of ASM for 12.2 Flex protection is the most outstanding. In addition to external protection, normal protection and high protection there will be an attribute Flex protection for a Disk Group. With that a new container is introduced, the File Group. This container will hold all files of one Database. Quotas and a couple of other attributes will be defined on this level. The real protection will be determined on this level as well. So it is possible to have a very fine granulation within an ASM Diskgroup for multiple databases.

Best for last: it will be possible to change the protection level. Going from external to normal protection will be possible just by changing the attribute.


And not only 3 copies are possible, up to 6 copies are possible. Why? To allow the content to fly. copies can now be in other Disk Groups. And even, if I remember right and understood it right, on another server within a cluster group. Clusters with dozens and hundreds of nodes not sharing everything seem to be the next step. Exporting ASM elements to other nodes via IP and FC is as well on the roadmap.


All of these new features to allow for more flexibility and agility in the Cloud. Let's see if the cloud doesn't get dusty!