Zuney Rojas

Analytics - The New Reality

Blog Post created by Zuney Rojas Employee on Feb 7, 2018
The world is changing constantly, we are on the age of Digital Transformation. 

This is one of the main discussion topics across the technology industry and its what drives change. There are many elements that push innovation: virtual reality, IoT, cognitive artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics between many others. These are the new resources for Digital Transformation; at an enterprise level, the use of these resources means success or failure to transform.


New services and new ways to do business are the results of really harnessing these tools and it takes part in a cycle: more digitalization offers are generating more demand for third platform technologies.

Today’s world is a DATA world. 


The third platform, defined by IDC is composed by 4 key pillars: 
-       Cloud 
-       Mobility 
-       Social  
-       Big Data and Analytics 

Data exist in a continuously active state once they are valuable to the business, it can get richer, put them in a governance cycle, refine/merge with other data and even mobilize to support a collaborative case. As this cycle continues, organizations try to analyze and get some value from data until they are no longer useful and they must be discarded.

It is essential more than ever having a clear data strategy to get the most value out of our data, but, which is the correct data strategy? Where and how a company have to start monetizing data? Which is the best Big Data strategy? Which is the best Big Data Analytics strategy?


Big Data Analytics is not a technology discussion, technology will help you achieve business outcomes. By definition, Business Analytics, is the action of discovering ideas inside an organization´s data, using any tool(s) or service(s) available. When our customers look to their available data, they do it to create or modify a business model that will achieve at least one of the following:


  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Improve agility in decision making
  • Decrease risk


Going back to the “where” and “how” questions and which is the best data strategy; companies must start asking some key questions to understand in which part of the Big Data Integration and Analytics maturity scale they stand, the answer to these questions will help determine if there’s a real chance to explore or if it’s only a science project or a silo approach of Big Data and Analytics.


Do you understand the key commercial initiatives from your business and how you benefit with Big Data?


Hitachi Vantara offers a complete and rich platform that integrates data and delivers business outcomes with analysis not regardless of the type of data and its source. This platform is known as Pentaho.


Pentaho has a differentiated ability to combine data from different sources, such as social network and business transaction data, to provide new insights into your data.


Pentaho is only one part of a complete solution from Hitachi that includes consultancy to determine cases of commercial use, implementation services to plan and deploy the solution, architecture support to ensure that new use cases can be added and training to support the organizational competence.


And so, we will continue in the next blogs with much more information about Analytics: The New Reality