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How Desperate are You to Gain Control of Your Infrastructure?

Blog Post created by Adriana Romero Employee on Sep 24, 2015

For those of you who aren’t familiar with who I am, I’m Adriana Romero, the new Solutions Marketing Manager for M2M Analytics. For the past 10 months I’ve been an instrumental member of the “Anaconda” team (otherwise known as the SIBU M2M team). I started my career at HDS in Product Management and have seen Live Insight for IT Operations take off from conception phase to commercialization!  When I joined HDS last November, we were just beginning to scope out the value of our cloud-based analytics solution and determine how exactly businesses can benefit from the insights our solution now provides.


HDS has partnered with cloud-native data analytics leader, Sumo Logic, to deliver Live Insight for IT Operations, a solution that transforms machine data into actionable insights. The strategic partnership aligns well with Hitachi’s overall Social Innovation strategy and merges Information Technology with Operational Technology (IT and OT). Both HDS and Sumo Logic have shared vision to accelerate the creation of unprecedented opportunities by machine data and to improve the lives of billions across the globe.


One of the many use cases Live Insight for IT Operations addresses is Root Cause Analysis, often resulting in significantly quicker MTTI/MTTR (Mean Time to Investigate and Resolve Problems). In the beginning of Q2, one of our large enterprise customers wanted better insight into their infrastructure because of their constant slow-moving environment. Upon install of Live Insight for IT Operations, our data scientists rapidly identified a port on a Cisco Fiber Channel kept dropping, and that port was connected to a HUS-VM.


Our Data Scientists are essential to the power behind Live Insight for IT Operations. Their data center domain expertise helps visualize information and build predictive models that correlate IT and machine data. Simply put, our Data Scientists provide the human element that delivers the meaning in analytics.


Check out our solution overview video and see the possibilities with Live Insight for IT Operations.


Are you having issues with Root Cause Analysis in your Infrastructure?

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