Adriana Romero

Join Hitachi at IoT World and Learn How Connected Car Technologies Create New Value for Vehicles, People and Society

Blog Post created by Adriana Romero Employee on May 9, 2016

Visit Hitachi in Booth #310 and get a chance to see for yourself how our IoT solutions,

including Connected Car, can solve your most pressing business issues.




Leveraging a strong presence in automotive and IT, Hitachi delivers industry leading solutions to different markets in the automotive ecosystem and builds customer solutions with a unified, distributed and scalable IT X OT solutions platform. With expertise in both IT and Social Infrastructure, Hitachi is particularly focused on connected car solutions that promote seamless communication between people and social infrastructure such as Fleet Management and Seamless Driving. Hitachi provides connected mobility by infusing advanced analytics technologies to overcome driving challenges and enable next-generation vehicles for proactive drivers to create new value for vehicles, people and society.




With Hitachi Connected Car solutions, you can:

  • Improve fleet utilization and availibility
  • Increase reliability and service quality
  • Decrease warranty costs
  • Promote safety and enable higher customer satisfaction


Stop by Hitachi Booth #310 and learn more about the new innovations being developed by our world-class team of data scientists


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