Amy Hodler

Mobility - It’s Not about the Smartphone

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Jul 9, 2014


It’s July, the Tour de France has started, and I’m keyed up for a big bicycle event around Mt Rainer.  I’ve been training since there was snow on the ground and paying sometimes-obsessive attention to food, rest schedules, and miles on the saddle - but not as much to my bike.


There’s a saying in the bicycle crowd, “it’s not about the bike” that sums up the truism that you can’t just buy your way into high performance, you have to work on the many elements of your personal performance.


Just as hot as watching The Tour right now is the topic of business mobility which is important to businesses for a number of reasons; a Vanson Bourne survey late last year indicated, “71 percent of enterprises believe mobility is a top priority for their business and 63 percent believe it to be the greatest factor in helping their organization gain a competitive advantage.”



But why should you care about mobilizing your business?  Because it greatly increases productivity: with employees, partners, and customers better connected for collaboration; with continuous access to necessary information; and with faster responses to requests.

screen-capture.pngAnd considering the rising percentage cost of labor, especially for specialized knowledge workers, increases in productivity are essential for business growth.  In addition, enhancing business mobility enables you to quickly react to iterative changes as well as pivot to capitalize on nascent opportunities.


So with all the attention on mobility this year I find myself having the same conversation about looking at the bigger mobility picture that I have with my cycling buddies about total cycling performance.  Mobility is not just about the smartphone: It’s about all the things you do to make multiple aspects of your business more mobile.  That means looking at increasing mobility from the perspectives of data accessibility and content policies to fluid workloads and adaptable services. 


A few weeks ago we launched offerings around data mobility and accessibility that highlighted our Hitachi Content Platform and HCP – Anywhere products but also included many of our infrastructure and cloud services because true mobility is never about one type, one product, or one use case scenario.  You have to look at that bigger picture and that’s why Hitachi delivers higher mobility for its customers by uniquely spanning the complete lifecycle of data, from workload to end-user.


How are you expanding your view of mobility beyond smartphones?

Enjoy the heat, wish me luck on my big ride this month, and let’s all get more mobile!