Amy Hodler

Breaking the Myth of Silos: Sisyphus gets wings

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Oct 30, 2014



Last week, I noted the 3 myths of cloud compromise that keep you from getting your cloud – your way.  This week HDS announced how we are expanding flexibility and control of cloud with 3 new cloud choices that help break each one of these myths. 


First we have the myth of everlasting cloud silos, which says the various cloud services you use will be isolated into silos. And that this will forever limit the visibility and control of operations and performance – no matter how hard you try.


With Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, this myth is easily dispelled. UCP combines best-in-industry storage, server, networking and software management in fully integrated packages. It accelerates your infrastructure deployment and helps you achieve higher resource utilization. 

Unified Compute Platform provides the flexibility to expand your cloud, while enabling you to control and manage both physical and virtual infrastructures using a single, familiar pane of glass. With native integration with either Microsoft® System Center or VMware vCenter, you can extend the reach of the tools you use today with a single, integrated management tool: Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Director. And with access to both Microsoft Azure™ and VMware vCloud Air, you can better optimize your cloud investments and more effectively adapt to changing business needs.


So instead of rolling that bolder up the hill, over and over again, like Sisyphus just to manage your various cloud services – you can extend your reach and fly free over your multi-cloud universe.


Next week we’ll break the myth of eternal cloud trade-offs.