Amy Hodler

IT Alone Cannot Drive Analytics Leadership

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Dec 1, 2014

I was reviewing a recap of good big data analytics and IoT articles from 2014 and the below caught my attention.  It's a summary and conclusions from speakers and roundtable discussions from an AT Kearney event.


Beyond Big: The Analytic powered organizations


Summary Ideas:

You have to tie together the right technology, operating model, and people (skills/etc) to operationalize and really capitalize on big data analytics.  IT alone cannot drive analytics leadership.  It makes sense that you need to develop cross-functional skills within business and tech organizations but they go further to call out the kind of multi-disciplinary backgrounds and blended teams that work well. 

They also call out the type of culture that leading analytics companies exhibit such as the willingness to experiment and fail as well as what they focus on.

5 Focus areas of leaders (laggards primarily using analytics for reporting)

  • Enterprise value: Predictive analytics to fuel innovation and growth
  • Sponsorship: Executive-level "champion-practitioners"
  • Mobilization: Pilots and rapid proof-of-concept deployment to create traction
  • Technology enablement with balanced approach
  • Talent empowerment: Drive a culture of analytics-based decisions


This article is from April 2014 but it seems very relevant going into 2015.   I'm curious whether folks agree with some of the findings regarding building teams with diverse skills:  Is it most important to have the skills to shape problems vs specific industry backgrounds?  Is it more important to have operational expertise as opposed to deep technical expertise?  Ideally, I guess you'd want it all but when you're shaping a new team where do you focus?