Amy Hodler

Marketers that Hate Social Media – It’s Going to Be #OK

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Dec 7, 2015

This is for those that feel they should love, like, or at least be really good at social media but secretly dread the idea of a quick post, tweet, pin, or thumbs up. I’d like you to know that this is completely OK – even if you’re (gasp) in marketing.  I want to share information and tips for you that should help you get over your dread, be more effective, and maybe even enjoy social media.


First off, I understand how product and solution marketing managers like myself love to snorkel deep into technical detail and then surface to talk about the nuances. Frankly, I used to feel a personal dislike around social media because its brevity seems to rob us of the kind of focus needed for deeper comprehension. So maybe it’s not so surprising that many of us that love our content (maybe even self-identify with it) take a little longer and more validation to adopt social media.



Despite my misgiving, when I found a way to approach social media with a subject matter expert’s (SME) appreciation, I had huge success: +30,000 views on one blog over a few weeks and +65,000 views on my next blog, breaking an HDS record! And most satisfying for me, we conveyed interesting, important information to way more people than would normally see a whitepaper, datasheet, or recorded presentation. (And I made some new and interesting acquaintances!)

What changed? Well, it was the realization that I was wrong and right: Wrong that social media couldn’t be a conduit for profound knowledge and right in the difficulty of conveying subtle information. We really can’t ignore the statistics around how people find and consume information; all kinds of information, even nitty-gritty details on new discoveries and far-out hypotheses. So we’re awash in social channels of information but it can be difficult to link together data points for applied meaning and that’s exactly where subject matter experts are passionate.


When SME focus on relating salient implications, we engage a larger community with interpretations and personal impact. And although nuance takes persistence in social media, you can lead people to additional detail using trickled-out, orchestrated detail – or stated another way,  “tapas” content with a story flow.


OK. So, you’re a subject matter expert committed to quality understanding and skeptical about social media, now what? If you have 35 minutes to learn about social media tactics for SME, watch this recorded chat with Sharon Crost and myself on how we overcame our own daunting tasks.You’ll hear tips on content creation forSME, transforming existing content for social media, and specific steps for involving a team. We address 3 of most common reasons subject experts (including myself!) give for not participating in social media:

  1. “I don’t have time for this” is addressed in part 1 on the value of social media
  2. “It’s not my style” is addressed in part 2 on voice and content
  3. “I’m never sure if I’m doing it right” is addressed part 3 on tactics

If you don’t have time to review the entire video now, bookmark this page and we’ll break out the video and add a few of the tips inline below!