Ajitkumar Ravisankar

It’s the Journey NOT a Destination

Blog Post created by Ajitkumar Ravisankar Employee on Nov 13, 2017



My engineering degree was in instrumentation, yet I’ve found over the years my passion was sales and services.  Which is why it’s natural for me to be engaging every day in conversations around the impact for sensors, devices, connectivity and flow.  In fact, people often ask me why I find the moving parts and flow so interesting. That answer is easy, the basics of every other technology is instrumentation.   Whether we an enterprise cloud solution, digital archiving or a CRI Framework

My life outside of work also involves instrumentation when I think about hiking, trekking and cycling.  Whether I’m hiking or cycling, there is a need to get to places and experience things you can’t do from your home.  Places a car cannot take you, whether it be from ropes which allow me to realize a new perspective in climbing or challenging myself to reach new heights.  These hobbies involve instruments to help navigate the terrain and journey.     In fact, on a recent trip to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka, the ‘table land’ I used instrumentation in a vivid challenge. What I found the most exciting was my leadership which inspired different age groups to progress along the peak and back to a safe place.  Why is this important you ask?  Because in partnership with Cognizant, I find that we often build more impactful outcomes when we harness different energy cycles.  The same goes for trekking, I monitor the team and individual stamina to contour and shape the motivations used throughout the trek. 

We have amazing talent on both teams who are dedicated to driving business outcomes and collaboration.  I often find myself in the role of leading the journey through my knowledge and expertise in tech, yet find the most satisfaction is through enjoyment of the journey, not the destination.



Ajitkumar Ravisankar is Global Account Manager, at Hitachi where he leads a team with a mission to drive the transformation of what Hitachi sells, and how they go to market his interests outside of work include trekking, hiking, cricket, cycling and spending time with his friends and family, and he lives in Plano, Texas in the US.