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‘Big Data’ on Millennials at HDS

Blog Post created by Ana Sanchez Employee on Sep 22, 2015

At 80 million strong, we represent the largest population of the United States. We are confident, connected, and committed to change. We are at the start of our careers, and will serve as an incremental part of the economic machine for decades to come. We are millennials.



A quick Internet search will generate mounds of data that attempt to define us. But with information about millennials in abundance, it can be difficult to do so. Filtering through the data lake does confirm one thing: we are eager to live purposeful lives that challenge the status quo through innovative thinking. On October 5th, I will have the honor of gathering with 2000 of the 80 million at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit. Known as the “biggest and brightest gathering of millennials in the world,” this summit is sure to spark innovative thinking and, in the words of Forbes magazine editor Randall Lane, “help chart the world’s course over the next-half century.” As an integrated marketing team member that supports the development of global marketing programs, I am honored to represent HDS at this event and look forward to sharing insights from the summit in an upcoming blog post.


A place where tradition and innovation connect, HDS is quickly becoming known as a place where millennials come to thrive. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting roles currently led by millennials at HDS:


Amie Serrano: As a demand planner within the Global Supply Chain Group, Amie works to forecast company shipments in a rolling demand plan by Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.34.51 AM.pnggeography and distribution center. Amie’s role is an incremental part of the supply flow process where she spearheads research on historical data and statistical forecasting methodology.

Deborah Fuhrmann: Through her program management role in Global Services Operations, Deborah leads and maintains the Support Connect sites and administers technical Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.02.29 PM.pngbulletins to HDS employees, partners, and customers on a global scale. Deborah excels in the support of global planning and operations initiatives for her branch.       

Chris Kidd: In his role on the Global Partner Communications team, Chris leads multimedia and social media efforts that are helping HDS advance in digital presence, a key evolution  attributed to the times we live in. Chris has already left an outstanding mark by introducing two successful video programs to the Global Partner Organization.


Angelina Adidjaja: As a software development engineer in our Global Services Organization, Angelina supports more that 12000 sites with multiple systems that report back to HDS. Her current projects involve developing new portals geared toward customer usage and executing for ease of use.


It is exciting to see the number of millennials at HDS grow as we strive to leave an impact on our prospective focus areas. Working for an organization that connects our passions to meaningful career opportunities is nothing short of rewarding.  I think Time Magazine’s Joel Stein captured the millennial perfectly when stating “a generation’s greatness is not determined by data; it is determined by how they react to the challenges that befall them.” With that, I can confidently say that millenials at HDS are up for the challenge, and eager to Inspire The Next.





1- photo courtesy of USA Today

2- Chris Kidd and Amie Serrano at HDS Family Day

3- Deb and I at the San Diego office

Christopher Kidd (Chris)

Forbes Announces Annual Under 30 Summit