Carlos Vargas

How to install Windows 2016 in HDS Blades with SAN boot

Blog Post created by Carlos Vargas Employee on Jul 5, 2016

Windows 2016 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. At the time I am writing this article TP4 is the current Technical Preview of the latest OS and it is available for download directly from the Microsoft website.


I want to concentrate in how to load Windows 2016 in the HDS blades while using a SAN LUN to boot up. A quick walk thru of the steps will guide you thru the process.


1. Create a LUN in the SAN

2. Assign it to your Blade. (Normally LUN 0 is the one identified for Boot from SAN)

3. Load the Windows 2016 ISO into the Blade CD or Virtual Media

4. Power On the Blade

5. Wait until Windows Setup is up. Click Install Now.



6. Pick the edition of Windows that you want to install. In my case I will install the Desktop Experience version and press Next.



7. Accept the Eula



8. Select Custom: Install Windows Only (Advance)



9. In the where do you want to install Windows screen, click Load driver.



10. You should have your blade HFC driver on a CD or ISO. Insert them so the installation can find the drivers.



11.It will find your Hitachi PCI Fibre Channel Adapter and press Next.



12. Now you should see all the storage assign to your blade or server. Select and format Drive 1 and press Next to install Windows 2016.



13. After you finish your installation you will have a new Windows 2016 installation.




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