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6 Key traits enterprises are seeing with containers

Blog Post created by Carlos Vargas Employee on Aug 8, 2016

It is interesting to see how technology changes the life of people and help enterprises reach and develop their vision and goals.

Datahoghq as a great monitoring product that help companies look at their environment. In the latest iteration of their Container research it shows 8 traits that companies are seeing with containers.

1. Docker keep gaining in popularity.

The research shows that Docker grew 30% in one year.

Source: Datahog


2. Large Enterprises are leading the way.

Traditional companies are slow to adapt to new technology. But containers is allowing them to move faster to their goals and this one of the reasons why containers are growing so quick in Large Enterprises

Source: Datahog


3.  Containers are adopted by 75% of the companies that try them.

Containers shrink the deployment time and the infrastructure needs for an enterprise. The report shows that 75 % of enterprises stay with containers after they test them.

Source: Datahog


4. Container deployments multiply every 9 months.

As teams get more comfortable with the technology it is natural that usage will grow. It looks like it growing at 5x every 9 months.

Source: Datahog


5. What are the the top 10 container images used by enterprises?

  1. Registry
  2. Nginx
  3. Redis
  4. Elasticsearch
  5. MySQL
  6. Logspout
  7. Quay
  8. etcd
  9. Postgress
  10. CAdvior

Source: Datahog

6. Average lifespan of a container?

It is amazing to see that the research shows that containers used in enterprises have a life span of 2.5 days. That is amazing. For years you needed to go thru change management processes and procurement and wait months to get a web server or database to test an app. Now you spin them up and then destroy them.

Source: Datahog


There you have it. 6 key traits that you can see in enterprises leveraging container technologies. Check out the Datahog Research and products at:


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