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How big you want your container cluster?

Blog Post created by Carlos Vargas Employee on Aug 8, 2016

Every day, I am amazed at what we can achieve together when we have a definitive goal and we work together.

I love this quote:

One (1) is too small of a number to be significant. ~John C. Maxwell

That is so true. You can not do a lot if you are alone. What would it happen if you share your vision to test the limits of a new technology and at the same time learn with any one else that want to learn. That is what Chanwit Kaewkasi did.

He wanted to build the largest container cluster in the world to test the limits of the new released of Docker 1.12. So here is what he did.  He started  started the project called Swarm2k with the idea to form a 2,000 nodes cluster by crowdsourcing them.

In under a week he got over 2000 server (2384 to be exact) from all around the world. His team formed a container cluster of 96287 containers. This an environment that any enterprise may want to look at to build in their environment.

Image: Swarm2K Dashboard.


His team tested upgrading previous and new versions and manage everything at a global scale.

I am looking forward to the outcome of projects like Swarm2K and how they will help us transform the way we do things in the enterprise.

Check out their blog post :


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