Diane Clay

"aaS" - It's Time Has Come - Are You Ready?

Blog Post created by Diane Clay Employee on Apr 24, 2019

Looking to reduce your people's learning curve for the latest in technology? Need to meet stringent SLAs from day 1 and don't have time to hone in on them? Only want to pay for the technology that you actually use? Have unlimited scalability? You're not alone! According to industry analysts, more enterprises are looking at consuming their technology "as a Service". Want to offload your risks? Look into pre-engineered, end-to-end infrastructure solutions. Two great examples of these kind of offerings are Storage as a Service and Data Protection as a Service.


What can you expect from these kind of solutions? Let's look at a real-life customer example. This is a global Fintech company that provides wealth management platforms to the world's leading banks and financial institutions.


Challenge: Located in London, they currently manage assets worth over $300 billion. They've seen rapid growth over the past few years. From 2016-2018, their assets under administration (AUA) more than doubled, growing from $150 billion to $315 billion. In the same period their data has doubled. Every time they take on a new customer, they take on a massive amount of additional data. They have thousands of new customers that they need to on-board quickly and securely. They need to expand and protect their data capacity seamlessly.


Solution: Storage as a Service (STaaS) and Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) from Hitachi Vantara. They made the decision to take an new approach to manage their exponential data growth, choosing to partner with Hitachi Vantara for STaaS and DPaaS solutions. With service level agreements (SLAs) for 100% data availability, Hitachi's service team manages their storage and data protection infrastructure 24/365.


Outcome: Seamless Customer On-boarding. Their IT team is now able to focus on their core business. The ability to provision new storage capacity incrementally and in line with demand helps the on-board new customers faster and more easily. The lead time traditionally required to create a business case every time they needed to add capacity is no longer needed - it just takes a few clicks. This streamlined process reduces IT's workload and allows their staff to focus on more strategic projects. They are now only paying for the storage and data protection they need, as they need it - increasing their flexibility and scalability as their business grows. They estimate that they will save up to 50% on the TCO for storage and data protection over the next five years.


STaaS Dashboard.png


In addition to adding agility, achieving guaranteed SLAs, reducing costs and risks, one of the added benefits of these fully managed services delivered by Hitachi or through one of our GSI or CSP partners is the ability for customers to get access to advanced analytics real-time. With over 25 years of operational expertise in designing, delivering and managing our customer's most important data infrastructures, STaaS and DPaaS from Hitachi provides rich real-time information for our customers when they need it.


There's no doubt that "aaS" offerings have been around for a number of years. But the ability to combine pre-engineered end-to-end infrastructure solutions, guaranteed outcome-based Service Levels available day 1, pay-as-you-go consumption models that combine cost savings with unlimited scalability and flexibility, combined with the strength of partnering with Hitachi is definitely new, and according to our customers, a real game changer. Want to find out more?

Follow these links to find out how you too can take advantage of the benefits achieved with STaaS and DPaaS from Hitachi for your organization. Are you ready for it?