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Hitachi Data Systems Community Update, 10 - 29 June 2013

Blog Post created by Donna Garber on Jun 30, 2013

We are three weeks in to the HDS Community.  I would like to know how you think we're doing.


As of 29 June,

  • There are 1051 registered users.
  • There are 632 active users who are viewing content.
  • There are 258 participating users who have commented, replied, edited, or liked a piece of content.
  • We have 158 contributing users who have created at least one piece of content such as a document, a discussion or their own status update.


I'd like to introduce you to our top contributors. Check out their profiles and some sample content from them. You might feel compelled to become a contributing member yourself.  And we'd absolutely love it if you do.


Top Contributors

Michael Hay, CTO and Vice President of Product Planning at HDS and chief Engineer at the Information Technology Platform Division (ITPD). Financial Forum

Cris Danci, Senior Integration Specialist at Perfekt Pty Ltd and our first MVP.

Carla Yashiro Multimedia Communications Manager at HDS The Subtleties of Communication and the Psychology of TRUST

Jay Erikson , Sales Curriculum Manager at HDS

Manju Ramanathpura,  CTO – Intelligent Platforms, member of the Office of Technology and Planning Team at HDS Re: Venture community role in corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation

Jeff Lundberg ,  Senior Product Marketing Manager at HDS

Ab de Kwant ,  Product Manager at HDS "Paving the way for storing all your content and help others to find it."

jean-christophe_lelasseux Manager Certification Program and Curriculum at HDS

Ken Wood , Director of Technology and Strategy at HDS IEEE 2013 Massive Storage Conference Revisited

Erwin van Londen, Senior Technical Analyst at HDS 5-minute initial troubleshooting on Brocade equipment


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