Donna Garber

Connections: Friends, Co-workers and Colleagues

Blog Post created by Donna Garber on Aug 9, 2013

I had a cool "aha!" moment yesterday and I don't know why it meant so much to me. I thought I would share it in the community. I couldn't figure out what to title this post. Maybe I'm making a bigger case out of this than it calls for. But I can't stop thinking about how we are all connected and "linked in" (pun intended).

I'm allowing myself a little trip down nostalgia lane.  I have lived in Silicon Valley for many years. I remember when the land occupied now by companies like HP and Apple were actual fruit orchards, where as elementary school kids we would sneak in and pick and eat as many cherries as we could stuff in our mouths, pockets and sacks. But that's another story.


I was on LinkedIn yesterday and noticed a name that sounded vaguely familiar.  When I checked his profile, I saw that he was a co-worker at my previous employer.  We haven't been in touch since we both left the small startup over 12 years ago. I was reading his profile and was surprised to discover he now works for Jive Software. As you know, Jive is the software that drives the HDS Community.

He is the Director of Tech Marketing at Jive and will be working the demos for the main stage keynotes at Jive World 2013 and I'm hoping we can find at least a few minutes to get reacquainted. 

Of course I reached out and we're now connected on LinkedIn.  But we're connected in more ways than a platform. Tools like LinkedIn and Jive allow us to work and network in previously unimagined ways.  When leveraged, you can collaborate, crowd source and tap into friends, former co-workers and subject matter experts to help you succeed like never before.

I have a sudden craving for some nice Bing cherries for some reason!