Dave Hemphill

Viewpoint #3 - Opening new doors

Blog Post created by Dave Hemphill Employee on Sep 28, 2017

On September 19th we announced our new company, Hitachi Vantara. Hitachi Vantara - Digital Transformation, IoT, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics. Suddenly the conversation began to change as I met with various customers and partners during the past week. What's the name stand for? What's going on with Hitachi? etc...


As I began to articulate the exciting news and share our vision and most recent solution announcements. i.e. Lumada 2.0, Converged, Data Intelligence and how these all play a synergistic role in enabling real digital transformation, new doors started to open within these conversations. Our customers and partners are becoming more open to having meaningful conversations about how we can help them transform their business and create value based outcomes. They began to share their most strategic projects and the key people involved we should meet with.


One SVP at a major US Bank complained of his frustration that all vendors want to speak about is building a new "data lake" and buying new platforms to pool all your data. He said this doesn't make sense to him as if his only direction was to build a bigger silo. When I explained how we offer the software and solutions to help him intelligently make smart decisions about the data he already has and some concepts around data intelligence and integration he really opened up. He opened the door for us to engage with their Chief Data Officer and team.


A strategic partner supporting another enterprise account who does >100M in annual services want to engage with us to develop new strategic solutions associated with a digital transformation strategy.


A major logistics and manufacturing company is eager to work with us on developing their Smart factory project.


A major Engineering and Construction concern is opening up conversations in developing intelligent large scale construction projects that will revolutionize the way the build, manage and operation future projects across the globe.


A couple years ago, when I first started at HDS, my conversations and contacts where simply limited to an IT staff meeting. Today, many more doors are opening and in the top floors of those companies. Excited to help transform their business a create exciting new outcomes.


Go start a new conversation and see how many doors get opened for you.