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Need more SDDC, Orchestration, VVol ? Vote Now

Blog Post created by Dinesh Singh Employee on May 10, 2016

One may be mistaken to believe that VMworld 2015 was just yesterday, the truth is that folks have already begun making travel schedules for the next edition! If there is one trade show that is considered to be the most impactful for organizations across the geographies and verticals, it has to be the VMworld. In this techies’ congregation, who’s who of virtualization world announces and showcases their cutting edge technology that become the foundation of customer’s business.


Just Like previous years, we are gearing up for VMworld 2016 to present our range of exciting solutions that help VMware administrators manage and run datacenter better, faster and with fewer bucks.


VMworld call-for-paper program provides opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise with the broader VMware community. Best ideas are accepted for a breakout session, based on expert committee review and public voting.




Our in-house VMware experts have submitted multiple abstracts to demonstrate our capabilities on cloud management, software-defined storage, ROBO management, virtualized mission critical applications among others. We need your help  to vote for the sessions, so that together we can help build the type of agenda you want for 2016. A certain percentage of sessions with the most public votes will have a guaranteed spot on the agenda. Starred sessions are joint ones with VMware.                                                                                            


Listing below the sessions with key take aways for you to vote by liking the session(s)on the URL provided alongside. Prior participation at VMworld is NOT necessary to be able to vote.


1. * Technical Case Study : Orchestrate the perfect note with vRealize Automation Suite and VMware Virtual Volumes – 9057 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=9057


  • How to reduce operational overhead so infrastructure “just works”
  • What you must know before deploying vRA and Virtual Volumes together
  • Best practice tips for VVol design as part of your SDDC roadmap


2. * Deploy Scalable Private Cloud with vSphere Virtual Volumes – 8840 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=8840


  • Understanding of the VVol framework and how it brings benefits over traditional storage management
  • Best practice tips to deploy VVols for private cloud operations using Hitachi storage and converged systems
  • Understand the compelling benefits of deploying business critical databases on Virtual Volumes


3. * Design and Build mixed applications with vRealize, Puppetand APIs – 8895 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=8895


  • Understand the value of having physical and virtual deployments unified and working together
  • Key use cases with compelling benefits of physical and virtual deployments
  • MultiLayer applications are datacenter citizens, now their consumption can be simplified– right out of your private cloud portal


4. Realize 40% Cost Reduction in VMware Environments with the Right Economic Framework – 9115 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=9115

  • Understand today’s VMware ecosystem and the cost and operational challenges they pose
  • Identify the types of costs that VMware consumes in the datacenter and their impact on TCO and operations
  • Discover which technology solutions and operational changes can directly reduce the costs of VMware and improve operational efficiency and performance


5. Enterprise ROBO: Lessons learned and best practices onhow to efficiently manage, access, monitor and protect yourbranch offices’ workloads and data – 8625 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=8625


  • Understand a bimodal data protection approach to separate structured data (such as DB instances) from unstructured data (including ROBO file/print server documents) and implement a BCDR strategy that meets SLO, RPO, and RTO requirements on all fronts with the least amount of management overhead, and least amount of data synchronization activity
  • Decide if Virtual SAN, such as a hyperconverged vSAN Ready Node appliance is the right choice for your ROBO infrastructure compared to traditional SAN and discrete servers, and understand problems introduced and problems solved in either case
  • How WAN Optimization plays a key role at enabling virtual desktop access, successful remote replication of virtual machines, and reliable long distance vMotion even for the most lossy WAN pipes


6. Which Cloud for My Business? Considerations for Choosing Between Different Clouds for your VMware Environment – 9106 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=9106

  • Understand the predominant cloud offerings today – attributes, benefits, challenges, and other considerations
  • Identify how to assess your environment for a “right fit” cloud strategy
  • Discover the transformational steps taken by a customer in the financial services industry

7.  Converged Solution for Rapid Data Center Deployment – 8707 - http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search=8707


  • Understand VMware vCenter to gain visibility into the components of a virtual infrastructure — all from one place
  • Leverage vCenter's management, automation, and analytics features to simplify the infrastructure complexity
  • Extend existing ecosystem’s capabilities using Hitachi Data Systems Converged Solution for complete management of Hitachi Converged platforms


We look forward and appreciate your vote! Come back to visit my blog here next month, I plan to post which break-out sessions were selected here when VMworld announces them.