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This time last year we announced general availability of Hitachi hyper-converged solution, Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC), powered by VMware vSAN, industry leading software-defined storage platform.




Since the launch, we have seen increasing deployments for a wide-range of use cases, from tier 1 production application in a stretched cluster configuration to a small-scale four-node set-up at a branch office with minimal or no IT staff. Matter of fact, allow me to  share with you a couple of customer success stories that can be easily replicated in other environments.


Packaged Food Manufacturer


This multi-billion dollar North American packaged food provider runs a distributed business with dual data centers for high availability. Their virtual desktop environment was running on Cisco UCS servers and NetApp storage cluster, but was not scaling to meet performance their needs, especially with their recent roll out of many new employee productivity applications. This new business initiative required that their VDI environment be highly available and  to minimize business impact due to outages. Managing disparate systems wasn’t cheap either. Customer had to dedicate IT team members for maintenance and upkeep of legacy hardware. And, with constant push from executives, IT team was under pressure to optimize data center footprint, when they planned to move to new DC space.


Soon after the customer replaced their legacy systems with  Hitachi UCP HC cluster, they saw improved performance,  and a reduced number of persistent desktops all while delivering a native desktop experience. Integrated disaster recovery ensured that their VDI environment is always-on to support their business. Multi-rack legacy compute and storage deployments were replaced with just 4U UCP HC clusters, with ample scale to accommodate future growth.  Interestingly, this opportunity began with a server refresh of existing Cisco UCS installations, and evolved into delivering higher value with Hyper-converged solution.



As you could see in above image, customer requirement of global roaming file services was met by turnkey solution integrating UCP HC with Hitachi Data Ingestor and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). Industry-leading object storage Hitachi Content Platform hosted user profile and user data to enable workforce mobility for the customer. Employees were seamlessly able to operate from any office they visited, and DC-DR architecture provided enhanced availability of VDI set-up.


Non-Government Humanitarian Organization


A large European relief organizations was running its entire VMware environment on converged platform. Initial design flaw came to the fore, when entire system went kaput due to an outage caused by security loophole, as the management stack was also hosted on same platform, requiring heavy-lift to fully restore IT operations.


Subsequent consultations with Hitachi led to customer decision of separation of management layer (vCenter, vROPs, native management tool) from the primary infrastructure. UCP HC was chosen for this Management cluster, which would be independent from the production environment, because of ease of deployment and management. Customer operates with a very small IT team, so ease of management was essential. Isolating the management layer in UCP HC provided the customer the ability to recover and restore applications swiftly, eliminating their biggest pain point. UCP HC was deployed in stretched cluster configuration to ensure minimum downtime of management stack.



Above use cases signify that UCP HC is enterprise-ready now for its ability to deliver performance, availability and operational efficiency, managed with policies, for revenue generating applications.


Birthday Gift

UCP HC won the Hyperconverged and Virtualized Infrastructure Solution category of the NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards 2017. These awards recognize Asia's leaders in information security, storage and data management for the huge advances made in these fields. The awards are guided by a team of experienced editors as well as a panel of CIO judges with domain expertise and insight in information management.




Award bears testimony to the robust platform UCP HC provides for virtualized and cloud-native applications coupled with deep integration with VMware stack of cloud automation and management software.


You can learn all about Hitachi Hyperconverged  system by downloading the brochure.


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