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Hitachi Social Innovation with Big Data - The Future is arrived already

Blog Post created by Dieter Schoene on Jul 10, 2014

Being engaged with our global customers and talking about their challenges and strategies matching becomes a very fascinating thing when exploring the capabilities of "One Hitachi".

Recently I was invited by one of our a strategic telco partners to visit a global pharmaceutical company which was looking into developing a platform for their crop services. For them that platform would be a differentiation and value add for their customers. Your question might be what value HDS could bring into that discussion. Well what about:

Imagine you could support your customers in the crop field management by providing maps and geo information to help them on decisions like planting rotation. Depending on the soil status advise can be given on the volume and kind of fertilizer you should use to optimize the harvest.

Satellite pictures could tell you about growth conditions, the moisture of the plant and indicate the best harvest time.

In case of a disaster or disease you would get detailed information on the damage and start focussed recovery activities. On top of that you could optimize the usage of your machines knowing exactly where they are in the field. Your interface into that environment could be anything from a simple fax up to a mobile device.

This is all about collecting data, connecting devices and creating valuable information that leads into concrete actions. Digital farming - What a wonderful world this would be and what a relevant discussion we could have with our customers.

Now the fascinating thing: Stop dreaming, welcome to reality. All of this exists already within Hitachi under the name of "GeoMation Farm". Have a look at

"GeoMation Farm" Agriculture Information Management System : Environmental Activities : Hitachi

I was impressed and proud when I found out about this - it demonstrates the capability of "One Hitachi" and our contribution to real social innovation.

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