Edouard Monseau

Arriving @Hitachi in the Silicon Valley

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on Apr 21, 2016

Dear reader,


I'm so excited that you're going through my very first lines. As a very new person to the culture in the Silicon Valley (still jet-lagged !!) I'd like to give you my personal insights on what it is to arrive in this atmosphere, share my findings, and why not some emotions. Though I'm an employee at Hitachi, everything I'm posting here is on my own.


Let's start this hopefully insightful journey with a step back on the American culture. After only 2 days here I was invited by my manager to go to what they call a "networking club". You can't imagine how surprising it is for a French to attend to such an event. A club is basically a place where influential people come to network, listen to some of the most influential speakers in their area and share a nice dinner together. In France most people you ask would disregard such events, which therefore are held in very close circles. Come on, it's only about sharing great business and society insights! No wrong in it! On the contrary, the recently published longest study on happiness (Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | TED Talk | TED.com) will show you how positive to you it is to nurture good relationships. Don't get me wrong, such clubs do exist in France, but they're hard to get into and the large population will consider it as weird and look down at you. Welcome to America, where you can feel free to get smarter!


I hope you'll be as pleased to read from me as I am to try for the first time this experience. I will highly value any kind of feedback, so of course I'll answer all the questions.


I look forward to meeting you  across the Californian roadsCalifornian Road-1.jpg